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Essential Oils from Indonesia by InaTropis

Indonesia is renowned for its rich tapestry of essential oils, each bearing the essence of its lush, tropical landscapes. From the autenthic aroma of Indonesian Patchouli to the invigorating scent of Citronella, these oils capture the country's natural diversity. The ancient art of essential oil extraction is deeply rooted in Indonesian culture, passed down through generations. These aromatic treasures not only offer delightful fragrances but also boast various therapeutic benefits, making them an integral part of holistic wellness practices worldwide. Indonesia's essential oils are a fragrant journey into the heart of this vibrant archipelago, where nature's bounty is distilled into tiny, potent vials of aromatic delight.

Biomass Energy

Indonesia is a bastion of biomass energy, harnessing the power of its abundant natural resources to fuel sustainable energy production. The country's lush forests and fertile lands provide an ample supply of organic matter, such as wood and another agricultural residues which are converted into renewable energy sources. This commitment to biomass energy not only reduces reliance on fossil fuels but also mitigates environmental impacts by curbing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Malang Agro dedication is to utilizing Indonesia's biomass potential exemplifies a green transition towards cleaner, more eco-friendly energy solutions, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for the nation and the planet.

Agricultural Machinery

Coffee Bean Roasting

Capacity : 5 - 10 Kg/Process

Material Stainless Steel

Dry Peel Coffee

Capacity : 50 Kg/Process

Material Mild Steel

Soya Bean Fluor

Capacity : 90 Kg/Hour (Corn)
40 Kg/Hour (Soya Bean)

Material Mild Steel

Cassava Chopping

Capacity : 30-60 Kg/Hour

Material Mild Steel

About Us

PT MAR (Malang Agro Resources) is an emerging company specializing in the export trade of Indonesian agricultural products and their derivatives, such as essential oils from Indonesia, wood pellets, including agricultural machinery. We were founded by a group of experienced and talented individuals in various industries and export business backgrounds. Its mission is to introduce the best potential products native to Indonesia by empowering local farmers and SMEs involved in the materials and industries supply chain.