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Five Reasons To Switch To Alternative Fuels

There are five reasons why it is time to use alternative fuels and stop relying on conventional fuels. This article from Malang Agro aims to make people realize that we must use alternative fuels now.

Without realizing it, the world is not okay. When many countries are competing to find new oil fields, we should be vigilant. What we are most concerned about is the environmental pollution caused by oil and gas emissions.

The impact that we can immediately feel is extreme weather. Sudden weather changes become unpredictable. Then, the impact of global warming can spread everywhere causing disasters in all sectors such as health disasters, ecosystem damage, and many more.

If we do not realize that the earth is under threat due to human economic activities, then be prepared if the earth’s life will not be long anymore.

Why We Should Switch To Alternative Fuels

Malang Agro as an entity that cares about environmental issues tries to make us all aware of the dangers that will befall us in the future due to dependence on petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource.

Then, what are the threats to the earth that we should know? see the following explanation

Rising Earth Temperature

Emissions from petroleum fuels cause a greenhouse effect that causes global warming. Carbon from burning petroleum fuels envelops the earth’s atmosphere that we live in today. As a result, hot air is trapped and cannot be reflected into space.

What is the impact? Obviously, the air we breathe is exposed to pollution and the temperature increases dramatically. Even in a discussion at the United Nations, the emissions of petroleum fuels that heat the earth are said to be three times greater than what has been reported so far.

Therefore, the fact that industrial activities that use fuel oil have created jobs for the community is actually a hitchhiker for carbon emissions from burning petroleum.

Therefore, it is time for companies to use alternative fuels that are low in carbon emissions such as biomass.

Damage To Natural Ecosystems

By using alternative fuels, we can prevent damage to natural ecosystems due to global warming. natural damage not only affects the death of fauna and flora on land but also affects the ecosystem in the sea.

There has been real damage to ecosystems as a result of extreme climate change. The Arctic ice caps are melting, causing sea levels to rise. What is the impact on the land? There will be a shift in the coastline due to the lowering of the land surface. Meanwhile, for small islands, it will lead to the potential loss of existence and the existence of the island due to seawater entering the land.

Not only limited to the threat of land loss, global warming causes the temperature and acidity of seawater to rise. This poses a serious threat to underwater ecosystems such as endangered coral reefs. And there are many other damages caused by global warming.

Food Crisis Due To Extreme Weather

Global warming also results in erratic weather changes that disrupt crop yields. Meanwhile, rice fields and fields experience drought which of course can have an impact on crop failure.

Currently, there is an El Nino storm phenomenon that has hit several countries such as Indonesia. the signs of El Nino are the decrease in rainfall. Then, this phenomenon causes a decrease in river levels and shrinks the availability of water in reservoirs. Finally, the government took the policy to import rice from other countries.

As you know, even agricultural countries like Indonesia are forced to import rice due to extreme weather changes. If there is a food crisis that continues for a long time, the world will experience mass starvation like never before.

This is all due to the impact of carbon emissions from Oil and Gas fuels that dominate world activities. It is time for us to use Alternative fuels to reduce the impact of carbon emissions that threaten the safety of the world.

Ozone Layer Damage

illustration of ozone layer depletion (photo:

Ozone is a layer of the earth whose main composition is oxygen. The result of carbon emissions from burning fuel oil and natural gas has an impact on ozone damage. So far, what protects the Earth from direct sunlight and foreign objects from outer space is ozone.

What damages ozone apart from carbon emissions is the illegal destruction of forests by irresponsible people and the conversion of forests to plantation land.

Potential World War

The world is increasingly unstable due to competition in the oil and gas market. Where the sources of petroleum are controlled by companies from large countries. The heavy dependence on oil and gas has reached an alarming stage.

Meanwhile, the chaos of war always has a motive to control oil and gas wells. By switching to renewable energy sources, the country becomes more self-reliant. So many alternative fuels have not been maximized properly. Alternative fuels such as wood pellets are much cheaper than the price of oil and gas.

Time To Switch To Alternative Fuels

Given the urgency of the problem due to carbon emissions from oil and gas, it is time to switch to alternative fuels.

It is not difficult to find alternative fuels because they are all around us. These materials are very much available in nature and are not used to their full potential. even some of them have become waste such as sawdust, fallen leaves, twigs, and rice husks.

The potential abundance of river water, geothermal heat, and sunlight can be used as renewable energy sources to replace conventional energy sources. That way we can slowly reduce carbon emissions that have caused damage to the earth so far.

In addition, government participation must also be present to reduce carbon emissions and innovation to make efforts to present alternative fuels. As well as educating the public to use alternative fuels and reduce electricity consumption slowly.

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The Presence Of Malang Agro Resources

Malang Agro is a company located in the city of Malang, Indonesia that focuses on providing renewable energy sources and alternative fuels. The company realizes how important the presence of alternative fuels is for the balance of the earth.

Moreover, the price of oil and gas is only getting more expensive, so it is necessary to have renewable energy sources for future energy solutions. The company is here to provide biomass products such as wood pellets, rice husk, and sawdust to various countries in the world.

With a much cheaper price, the company’s biomass products are able to become alternative fuels for heating, cooking, and power generation needs.

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