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Attention! Bad Daily Habits That Are Damaging

A failure is a result of bad daily habits. Without realizing it, the small habits that we have been doing have an impact on one’s success. Therefore, we must get used to positive habits no matter how small but done regularly.

Bad habits can cause stress which can trigger bigger problems such as health problems. Serious illnesses such as heart disease, asthma, headaches, and cancer start with severe stress. Pay attention to people who have a habit of carrying a water bottle wherever they are. Although this is something light, the habit of carrying a water bottle has an impact on his feelings, his mind, and his health.

Bad Habits

A small habit turns out to have a bad impact, including moodiness, procrastination, lack of sleep, poor diet, and time management. Some of these behaviors may be done intentionally or unintentionally. What are these bad habits and how to overcome them? Let’s discuss them one by one.

A Moody Person

Bad Moods (photo: KlikDokter)

Smiling is a very simple but very meaningful act. One of the bad habits that most people assume is moody. Because, moody has an unfriendly, unfriendly and unhappy impression. In addition, people who always smile have positive vibrations and energy. So, what causes a moody person, and how to overcome it?

Moody people are affected by bad moods due to routine, work, and health problems. Unhealthy people experience a decrease in happiness hormones which causes feelings to become unhappy and moody. You need to know that feelings or moods are regulated by happiness hormones called endorphins. So the solution to increasing the happiness hormone is to undergo exercise, eat healthy foods to do therapy with essential oils. The natural plant content of essential oils is proven to have the ability to reduce feelings of unhappiness and replace them with feelings of pleasure and happiness.


Procrastination is a bad habit that most people do. It is due to underestimating a job so they decide to do it last. A job has a deadline for completion. It should be done as soon as possible to avoid something unexpected. We can’t predict time in the future so it’s best to get the job done as soon as you have the chance.

Emotions become uncontrollable when doing work close to the deadline. People who like to postpone work will be overwhelmed and look emotional. Work done at the deadline causes stress and frustration which results in a decrease in one’s immunity. Meanwhile, prolonged stress will bring instability to one’s life that can trigger attacks of diseases such as heart disease and shortness of breath. Therefore, avoid procrastinating and do your work as soon as possible.

Sleeping Less

stimulates relaxation and sleep (photo: doc)

People who work hard also need adequate sleep and rest. Because the body needs time to recover after a long day of work. Are you looking for money to pay for your own treatment at the hospital? Unfortunately, this is not realized because of the demands of work that require fast completion, thus sacrificing rest time. Some people who don’t get enough sleep aren’t actually doing work. Rather, they experience sleeplessness. The disturbances include stress, family problems, or other difficult problems that are carried over into the mind. So, the sleep time is used to think about these problems.

If it happens to you, sleep disorders must be treated immediately before health problems occur. When it’s time to sleep, you must ensure that the conditions are comfortable and relaxed. Anything that interferes with comfort should be removed immediately. The temperature of the room and the scent of the air determine the body’s ability to relax. Meanwhile, essential oil from lavender flower extract brings a cozy atmosphere and room. Lavender flowers are famous in herbal medicine such as relieving insomnia, preventing mosquito bites, overcoming asthma, and reducing anxiety.

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Poor diet

illustration of a glass of water (photo: kompas)

Many literature studies state that a poor diet has an impact on one’s health. But surprisingly, there are still people who ignore this bad habit. A small example is the habit of not eating breakfast because they are worried about being late for work. Then late lunch and dinner above 10 pm. Add to that poor nutritional intake by eating indiscriminate foods such as junk food, foods high in cholesterol, and drinking excessive caffeine.

More surprisingly, health products such as essential oils, honey, and herbal products are expensive. In fact, consuming essential oils can improve metabolism increase appetite, and reduce anxiety. Get used to eating and drinking in a healthy way.

Time Mismanagement

How to manage time well, we can learn from the experts. According to George R Terry, Management is Planning, Organizing, Actuating, and Controlling. In doing an activity, it is important to know the priority scale. Failing to prioritize is a result of poor time management. Which is this bad habit is a major factor in one’s failure.

The most severe impact caused by this bad habit is the burnout situation. What is burnout? A very severe chronic stress condition can change a person’s actual attitude such as anger, emotions, destroying surrounding items, and the potential for other physical violence. Immediately make plans, prioritize, and strictly control the use of time. If this good habit is done consistently, it will change your life and success.


To familiarize good habits does take time and discipline. Usually, activities that are done consistently for one month will become a habit. And if consistently done for 1 year, it will become a character.

For example, without realizing it we get used to a bad diet, eating foods high in cholesterol. It is also important to get used to living with healthy foods such as fruits, drinking enough water, and consuming herbs. Do it consistently for one month.

Besides that, it is also necessary to get used to adequate sleep and rest patterns. for some people sleeping late at night has become a routine and does not interfere with their morning time. However, the fact is that sleeping early provides positive energy, full of motivation, and more concentration. If you have difficulty sleeping, it is better to immediately take treatment steps such as therapy using essential oil aromatherapy.

Thus our discussion about small habits that can cause bad effects and serious problems in the future. Replace those bad habits with good habits by smiling, completing work quickly, getting enough sleep, having a regular diet, and having good time management. Do it consistently for at least one month. Hopefully, it will be useful, and practice it consistently.

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