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Burnout Syndrome Makes Productivity Decline!

If you feel lethargic, feel like a failure, lack motivation, and get angry easily, you could be experiencing Burnout Syndrome. A dangerous condition for someone in their productive years. Because this syndrome can reduce productivity levels to the lowest point.

Burnout conditions are usually triggered by work routines. People who experience burnout no longer find motivation in their work. There is a sense of frustration, fatigue, and boredom with the work situation.

In addition, burnout is not just about work. There is potential for burnout syndrome in friendships, households, education, and so on.

Main Causes of Burnout

The main cause of burnout is uncontrollable stress. Before reaching the point of severe stress, sufferers experience stressful situations. Workload with disproportionate income is the trigger. So pressure from superiors or leaders makes a person lose control of himself. Symptoms such as anger, disappointment, frustration, fatigue, and so on.

Not only in the world of work, in the household husband and wife also have the potential to experience burnout with each other. maybe a husband is tired of his wife’s attitude and vice versa. The absence of balance between enjoying life and work is also one of the causes.

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Anticipate Before It Gets Worse

Thinking too Hard (photo: Shutterstock)

If this is the case, you have completely lost interest and enthusiasm to improve the situation that has been going on for a long time.

For someone experiencing burnout at work, all they can think about is the choice between resigning or getting fired from the company. If you were a little calmer, you wouldn’t have to make either choice. A choice that is detrimental to you and your family. You can still get back to your best in the right way.

And for married couples who experience burnout, the worst risk is domestic violence and divorce. Anticipate burnout syndrome before you regret it. So how do you anticipate burnout syndrome?

Discipline in Work Planning

The unclear shadow of work is the trigger for most employees to move to a new workplace. Likewise, after you move, it turns out that the situation has not changed. The problem is with yourself.

Then the most fatal is the inability to organize planning. Poor time management so that you are unable to control the situation that is happening. Therefore, taking 15 minutes to make a plan is the best step to anticipate burnout syndrome. be responsible for whatever the result is.

Being the Solution in Every Situation

Mental burnout occurs because expectations and desires are not achieved. Meanwhile, we can’t keep blaming the situation. The right attitude is to be the solution in every situation. With this mental attitude, we will not easily get burnout syndrome.

Be the solution to every situation and try to be a part of it. Such a mental attitude makes us a winner, not a loser.

Reject the Average and Do It As Soon As Possible

Any job must have a deadline to be completed. Many people are stressed because of their procrastinating attitude. Meanwhile, it is the disease of stress that triggers burnout syndrome.

Care and Mutual Respect

You must agree that your current environmental situation affects most of your mentality, mood, and feelings. Therefore, try not to blame the situation. It is better to make peace with the situation and try to change the atmosphere with a caring and respectful attitude.

Healthy communication by saying thank you often is an action to change the chaotic situation in your office, home, or neighborhood. People who have an attitude of respect will definitely be respected by others.

Take Time Off and Go on Vacation

This is a short-term solution to burnout. Maybe you are too hard at work. So, too much ambition results in considerable stress. This often happens to someone

Try taking a day or two off and going on vacation with your loved ones. The goal is to refresh your mind, relieve stress, and regain lost energy.


meditation in a naturally scented room (photo: Instagram/Inatropis)

Being alone with meditation is very effective for relieving the tension that causes burnout syndrome. In this case, you can do it in various ways such as worshiping, going alone, climbing mountains, or being alone in certain places.

In addition, this method is more powerful and proven to work well. All you need is solitude and comfort. Therefore, make sure you are in a clean and cool place. You don’t have to go out, meditating at home is enough.

Enhance Spirituality

People who are always close to the values of spirituality and faith look calmer and wiser. They don’t look tired, stressed, and angry. So the conclusion if you want to overcome burnout is to increase worship and spirituality.

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Illustration of Essential Oil Diffuser (photo: Instagram/Inatropis)

Aromatherapy comes from the essential oils of plants and flowers. The system works by stimulating the human sense of smell which gives a fresh and calming effect. There are several plants that provide fresh and calming scents such as lavender flowers.

With aromatherapy therapy, the body relaxes and unwinds. This method is very effective for overcoming sleep disorders to severe stress. Indeed, everyone will become relaxed when in a room with clean air and a soothing aroma.

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Of course, we must not forget exercise as the most powerful medicine to anticipate burnout. do exercise anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Actually, it’s better outdoors because the outside air is fresher. It is important for the mind to get good air circulation. Sports activities such as walking, running, or gymnastics are very good for mind and mental health.


If you feel any signs of experiencing burnout then do something immediately before it gets worse.  A condition that can destroy your productivity to the lowest point.

And you don’t need to worry too much because everyone has experienced conditions like this. some make it through and some fail. Those who fail should be able to return to their best performance in the ways above.

The mind needs refreshment with the help of olfactory stimulation. The body needs relaxation by giving it enough rest. Stress due to work can be anticipated with a vacation to refreshing places such as the mountains.

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