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Cananga odorata var. Macrophylla


Introduction to Cananga Oil

Essential oil extracted from the cananga flower,
which grows in Southeast Asia. Cananga flower oil
has a sweet and pretty floral aroma, making
it popular as an ingredient in the cosmetics and
perfume industries.

History of Cananga

in Indonesia cananga is a very popular flower in Indonesia, especially as an offering flower in traditional ceremonies, traditions, and religions. In Indonesia, the use of cananga oil has been known for a long time as a perfume and aromatherapy ingredient. Commercial processing of cananga oil has also started since the early 20th century in Java and Madura. 

Apart from being used as a perfume and aromatherapy ingredient, cananga oil is also used in traditional medicine to treat health problems, such as skin problems, pain, and sleep disorders. In fact, Cananga oil is also used as a cosmetic and hair care ingredient. 

Today, the production of cananga oil still continues in Indonesia, especially in cananga flower-producing areas such as Bali, Java, and Sumatra.

How do we source our Cananga Oil ?

Cananga Product List

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