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5 Steps to Reduce Carbon Emissions, There's Biomass!

Carbon emissions are harmful to the earth’s atmosphere, which itself has a vital function to protect the earth. Its existence keeps humans and ecosystems within the earth protected from excessive sun exposure and the arrival of foreign objects from outside the earth.

Because of the importance of this atmosphere, creatures living on Earth must know what can damage the Earth’s atmosphere. It takes collective awareness and together reduce carbon emissions as the main cause of damage to the earth’s atmosphere.

Without realizing it, we are one of the causes of the earth’s destruction. A simple example is the air pollution caused by our own motor vehicles. Other activities such as burning garbage also cause carbon emissions. Even developed countries are the biggest emitters in their economic activities.

Understand the Dangers of Carbon Emissions

You need to know that the atmosphere also protects the Earth from extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures. Climate change and weather are also formed in the atmospheric layer. From here we understand the importance of the atmosphere for the earth’s ecosystem.

Meanwhile, carbon emissions have a tremendous negative effect on the environment, health, and economy. Carbon released into the atmosphere will form a greenhouse-like membrane that keeps heat out of the earth.

The result, of course, is global warming that has impacts everywhere, such as rising water levels due to melting ice in the North Pole. Other impacts include forest fires that cause air pollution. When the air deteriorates, health suffers. In the end, it also directly hits the economy.

What We Can Do

All countries have agreed to implement net zero emissions, which is targeted to be completed by 2050. All parties have been asked to take decisive steps. Meanwhile, reducing carbon emissions seems like an anomaly because countries are now competing to produce goods.

Of course, these economic activities result in carbon emissions. So, what can we do? With carbon already so big in the atmosphere today.

Energy Efficiency

This effort is actually very simple but if done collectively, it can have a big impact on reducing carbon emissions. Currently, our electricity needs depend on fossil fuels.

Did you know that 1 liter of fuel such as gasoline or diesel produces carbon emissions of up to 2 kilograms? That’s a huge amount of carbon.

In addition, a country is certainly not enough with one liter of gasoline, right? By saving electricity, you are helping the country to reduce the amount of excessive use of gasoline and diesel. From now on, use electricity sparingly, and use air conditioners or heaters sparingly. Or use solar panel energy for lighting needs at home.

Forest Planting

wood illustration (photo: housing)

The only thing that can balance our nature today is the existence of sustainable forests. Therefore, any State policy that eliminates the existence of forests or deforestation is an inappropriate policy. Examples of deforestation are turning forest areas into agricultural areas, mining areas, residential areas, and so on.

Clearing forest land by cutting down its trees will have serious impacts in the future. Deforestation is the main cause of carbon emissions. Moreover, there are more and more cases of forest fires in various countries. It can be intentional or unintentional due to global warming.

From now on, care for the forest by not burning garbage in the forest area. Plant empty land in the forest with tree seeds. The impact may not be felt now but for the next 10 – 20 years.

Active Role in the Environment

Carbon emissions are increasing due to the lack of human concern for the environment. Examples are the behavior of throwing garbage in the river and burning garbage carelessly. In larger cases, companies dispose of factory waste, causing water and air pollution.

If this is ignored and there is no active role from everyone, then reducing carbon emissions will be impossible. Dare to speak out against actions that damage ecosystems and the environment.

Take Public Transportation

The use of public transportation and bicycles can reduce carbon emissions from private vehicles. Currently, most of the world’s population uses cars and motorcycles as their main means of transportation.

How is it possible to reduce carbon emissions with so many vehicles? Sales of private vehicles are increasing and traffic jams are everywhere.

By consciously using public transportation, you are helping the world to reduce congestion and carbon emissions. Some countries have cultivated riding bicycles to work, school, and other public places such as the Netherlands and Japan.

It is strange that developing countries such as Southeast Asian countries have become a market for private vehicle sales. Meanwhile, car-producing countries make public transportation the main transportation. It is time for all countries to make bicycles and public transportation the main transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

Use of Renewable Energy

paddy husk pellets illustration (photo:doc)

Even though the world community already knows that fossil fuels can increase carbon emissions into the air, they still rely on them as the main fuel. Starting from manufacturing production activities to household needs still rely on fossil fuels.

Without realizing it, developing countries have the potential to become environmental balancers. Developed countries should be grateful because currently there are many forests in developing countries, especially Indonesia.

Because of the existence of such large forests, Indonesia is at the forefront as the world’s carbon emission sink. The country has also managed to reduce its dependence on conventional or fossil fuel consumption. Biomass fuels or renewable energy are abundant here.

Malang, one of the cities in Indonesia, is the largest producer of biomass. Products such as rice husk, wood pellets, and briquettes are produced here. One of the companies that produce biomass or renewable energy is Malang Agro Resources.

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This is our review of the dangers of carbon emissions that can damage the future of the earth. Global warming is clearly felt directly today. this condition is increasingly alarming with the destruction of forests which are the main solution to reducing carbon emissions.

The condition is getting worse with the presence of factories that consume massive conventional fuels. The carbon released into the air is getting more and more alarming.

Our purpose in discussing this topic is because we are concerned that the world’s population is still dependent on conventional energy sources or fossil fuels. It is time for us to switch to biomass fuel as a renewable energy source.

In addition, biomass fuel is much cheaper and more affordable than conventional fuel oil. Biomass is able to provide warmth in winter, for cooking purposes, and even generate electricity.

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