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Syzygium aromaticum


A Traditional Therapeutic Oil
from Indonesia

Clove essential oil is extracted from the dried flower buds or leaves of the clove tree, native to Indonesia. It has been used for traditional wellness practices due to its therapeutic properties. Indonesia is the world’s biggest producer of clove, with Sulawesi, Java, and Sumatra being the main areas of production. Clove oil is  produced by distilling the dried flower buds and other parts of the tree

It has a strong, spicy aroma and has been used for centuries in various applications, including the dentistry and aromatherapy industries.

History of cloves

How do we source our Clove Oil ?

Clove Product List

Product Code Product Name More Info
CO-209 Clove Oil Leaf View Detail
CBO-001 Clove Bud Oil View Detail
CSO-001 Clove Stem Oil View Detail