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Component Of The Coffee Industry

Coffee Industry

Coffee is not just a beverage, it has become a component of the coffee industry. Currently, the coffee industry is in a phase of rising popularity. Coffee is not only a beverage commodity but has entered the industrial world. Industry is the process of converting raw goods into finished goods or goods that are ready for consumption. Likewise with coffee, before drinking coffee must undergo a processing process.

In this case, we divide it into 6 components of the coffee industry. Starting from the plant process to the sale. Each component has its characteristics and advantages. Those of you who do not like coffee can take another component such as growing coffee that does not involve the sense of taste. Each component is equally profitable. In this article, we will explore the various components of the coffee industry.

Coffee botany and farming

Coffee botany and farming (photo: RRI)

This component of the industry involves the study of coffee botany, including the anatomy of the coffee plant. It also discusses the coffee life cycle, growing needs, and factors that affect coffee growth. It also includes analyzing the quality of coffee beans.

Coffee farming involves understanding cultivation techniques and selecting coffee varieties. What if the coffee beans are affected by pests? Therefore, the coffee farming component not only studies the growth of coffee beans but also how to control pests and diseases. Interesting, isn’t it? Coffee farming will require comprehensive discussion as well as sustainable farming practices.

Coffee Bean Processing

In this Industry component, the process of processing coffee beans from fruit to ready-to-brew coffee beans is discussed. This includes explanations of wet washing, natural drying, semi-wet methods as well as processing. In processing methods, we will recognize terms such as honey process or anaerobic fermentation. In this industry component, learn about the effect of coffee processing methods on the flavor and aroma characteristics of coffee.


coffee roasting machine (photo:iStock)

The rostery component of the coffee industry is the facility where raw coffee beans are transformed into roasted coffee beans. It is where the art and science of coffee roasting takes place. Coffee roasters play an important role in the coffee supply chain. By sourcing green coffee beans and then roasting them to the desired profile. Then after that, prepare it for consumption.

The roaster is the place where raw coffee beans are obtained from coffee farmers who have done the previous two components of the botanical process and processing of coffee beans. This roastery process involves a tool or coffee roasting machine. Thus, knowledge of the roasting machine is important. The parts of the machine include the control panel, feed port, barrel, observation window, and sampling spoon. There is still more knowledge such as discharge ports, dust collectors, and heating systems. So many parts to operating this coffee-roasting machine. However, you don’t need to worry because we will discuss it with you. Later we will discuss more fully in this section in the next article. You can contact us to get the best coffee roasting machine.

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Espresso Brewing and Techniques

Espresso Brewing and Techniques (photo:detikFood)

This component of the coffee industry cannot be underestimated. Because this brewing technique affects the taste of the coffee. From this process, a new profession emerged which we know as barista. Do you know how much a barista earns every month? Professional baristas can earn a lot of money from their skills as practitioners and as teachers.

This is an industrial component that focuses on coffee brewing techniques. Therefore, the context is serving espresso. From espresso, it developed into favorite coffee menus such as Sanger, americano, latte art, cappuccino, and others. Of course, as a coffee lover, you are certainly very familiar with it and can tell the difference. The flavors that emerge from the brewing technique also have different characteristics. Usually, coffee lovers have a certain coffee serving profile, such as Americano coffee lovers. Some brew coffee like tea without using a machine. Like the V60 coffee menu, you don’t need to use a machine to brew it. This coffee menu is also very popular with certain groups.

If you want to focus on this industry, one of the things you need to learn is setting up an espresso machine. Then, learn proper coffee grinding, good tamping or pressing techniques, and optimal espresso extraction. How did you get interested in the coffee brewing industry? If you are an expert in this coffee industry, you can open a coffee shop with your brand. at least you can make your coffee.

Sensory and coffee assessment

This component of the coffee industry is no less than other components. This part involves sensory training to recognize and assess the taste and aroma characteristics of coffee. The thing you have to learn is the cupping or tasting technique. It can then identify flavor profiles, recognizing defects or imperfections in the coffee. And most importantly understand the sensory rating scale.

In the coffee assessment industry, it is included in the quality control category. A coffee shop certainly needs people who can regulate taste standards. Don’t let a change in taste cause you to lose customers. This is certainly very detrimental for coffee shop owners. Not many people can judge the taste of coffee correctly. It requires skill, persistence, and precision.

Coffee shop management

This component of the coffee industry is important for coffee shop managers. This is a component that focuses on the management and operational aspects of a coffee shop. Here you also study management, inventory, and financial planning. This also includes involving marketing skills so that the coffee shop gets lots of visitors. Then, the ability to manage employees including baristas. Experience dealing with customers is highly required.

The ability to mix coffee is not enough without coffee shop managerial skills. In the end, a coffee shop is about making a profit from selling coffee. For this reason, a collaboration between all parties is needed to achieve success in coffee sales.


Coffee has become a very popular commodity throughout the world. Its distinctive taste, tempting aroma, and refreshing effect make coffee a favorite for many people. However, coffee is not just about enjoyable taste and enjoyment, it also has several interesting health benefits.

The need for people to gather and meet also requires a comfortable place such as a coffee shop. You can take this business opportunity by pursuing industrial components in coffee. All of these components have huge opportunities at the moment. We always continue to educate the public regarding biomass energy, agriculture, renewable energy, the manufacturing industry, and coffee bean roasting processes. If there is anything you want to ask, click here, we are ready to serve you wholeheartedly.

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