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Department of Agriculture and Plantation of Central Java Province Explores Partnership Opportunities with PT. Malang Agro Resources

Department of Agriculture Plantation – Malang, December 2, 2023 – PT. Malang Agro Resources welcomed a delegation from the Department of Agriculture and Plantation of Central Java Province, specifically the Division of Business Development and Marketing, on Saturday, December 2, 2023. The purpose of the visit was to broaden the network of markets and marketing partnerships for agricultural products from farmers and farmer groups in Central Java Province.

The delegation, led by Ms. Ike Cahya, aimed to explore potential collaborations and expand market access for Central Java’s agricultural products. The province is known for its outstanding agricultural products, including lemons, lemongrass, cardamom, and turmeric. Furthermore, Central Java boasts key facilities for distilling essential oils such as lemongrass, cardamom, cajeput, and cloves. The region also possesses extensive land for the cultivation of raw materials for various essential oils.

Empowering Sustainability

During the visit, Ms. Ike Cahya, representing the delegation, provided a comprehensive overview of Central Java’s agricultural strengths. She highlighted the province’s prowess in essential oil production, emphasizing the significance of lemongrass, cajeput, cardamom and cloves oils.

The discussions, held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere within PT. Malang Agro Resources’ INA Tropis studio, involved the exchange of valuable information between the two parties. The discussion during the visit encompassed a diverse array of potential agricultural products unique to Central Java province, with particular emphasis on the evolving market trends within the essential oils sector, as shared by PT. Malang Agro Resources, creating an environment conducive to mutual learning and cooperation.

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Mr. Nyoman, a representative of PT. Malang Agro Resources, expressed enthusiasm about the potential collaborations and opportunities that could arise from the partnership. He emphasized the importance of building strong ties between the private sector and government agencies to support the growth of the agricultural sector.

The meeting concluded with a positive outlook on future collaborations, with both parties expressing their commitment to fostering a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. The visit marked a significant step towards enhancing the agricultural landscape of Central Java by tapping into the expertise and resources of PT. Malang Agro Resources.


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