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Earth Energy Sources: Biomass, Geothermal, Gas, Petroleum

Earth energy sources that we use so far consist of various forms. There are petroleum, biomass, geothermal, and many more. In all sectors, humans are very dependent on Earth energy sources.

For example, the gasoline that we use to fuel our motorcycles comes from petroleum. Similarly, when we cook using LPG gas or use kerosene lamps, these are also Earth Energy Sources. Electricity generation fuel also uses Earth’s energy sources. So, what do Earth Energy Sources consist of?

Types of Earth Energy Source

In general, energy sources on earth are divided into renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources are unlimited in number and can be renewed. Non-renewable energy sources come from fossilized plants and animals that died hundreds of years ago.

The difference between the two is quite significant in the use of earth energy sources in the future. This time Malang Agro Resources would like to invite all readers to look at the earth’s energy sources that we have been using every day.

Non-Renewable Energy Sources

oil refineries (photo: shutterstock)

This Earth Energy Source is the most widely used in our daily lives and humans are very dependent on this one energy source. Its uses range from transportation to cooking, and power generation. Let’s see the following non-renewable energy sources

Natural Gas

Natural gas is an earth energy source that has many uses such as for cooking, heating, and power generation.

Other uses of natural gas are industrial needs for the operation of plastic factories and the manufacture of chemicals for laboratory purposes. In addition, the presence of natural gas is very important for hospital and medical purposes. With a smooth supply of natural gas for hospitals, hospital services to patients are maximized.

Minerals and Metal Grains

Earth energy sources that cannot be renewed are minerals and metal seeds that are in the earth. The influence of this one earth energy source cannot be separated because of its vital role.

Examples of non-renewable energy sources for minerals and metals are tin, iron, Nickel, and Aluminum. Energy that can be obtained from mining activities that are quite difficult and costly. Minerals will not always be around in the future.


Coal is an earth energy source that is useful for operating transportation such as trains. Another important use of coal is fuel for power plants.

With the existence of coal, steam energy is created which is then converted into electrical energy by the power plant that we can enjoy today. Without coal, power plants have to work hard to find other energy sources that do not come from coal.

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Petroleum is definitely an earth energy source that has a lot of direct contact with the community. With petroleum, comes gasoline and diesel which are essential human needs.

Furthermore, petroleum comes from the earth’s crust which is extracted through a siphoning process from high-tech oil wells. But unfortunately, the petroleum wells will eventually run out. Because considering that petroleum comes from fossilized animals that died hundreds of years ago.

Petroleum is the main fuel for power plants besides coal. Power plants really need a supply of other energy that can be converted into electrical energy.

Renewable Energy Sources

Earlier we discussed earth energy sources that are not renewable. They will not exist forever and the amount will continue to decline. And because of that, scientists continue to look for alternative solutions to ensure human survival.

So a solution emerged to get out of the energy problems that humans will face in the future. We call it renewable energy sources by utilizing what is around us in unlimited quantities. What are the renewable energy sources?

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Solar Energy

Solar energy is the main source of energy for the earth which is unlimited. The use of solar energy in Earth’s energy sources can be seen in Solar Power Plants and Solar Panels. Which works by absorbing solar energy to be converted into heat energy and electrical energy.

There have been many innovations in the use of solar energy for street lighting sources that no longer use electrical energy but use solar panels. During the day, solar panels absorb solar heat and then the solar panels are used at night.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is a source of earth energy that utilizes wind movement. The method is to convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy and then convert it into electrical energy.

Meanwhile, wind is an unlimited amount of Earth’s energy source. Large countries such as the Netherlands are quite successful in using wind energy to drive windmills.

Water Energy

For a country like Indonesia which has a very large amount of water with its many rivers, it must be able to utilize this earth energy source. Waterfalls and reservoirs are potential places to drive power plant turbines using hydropower.

Thus, the government no longer needs to use coal and petroleum to operate power plants. Because there are already earth energy sources that are very abundant, namely water and wind. More efficient and economical.

Biomass Energy

The last is earth energy sources that come from agricultural waste and plants. Raw materials such as tree wood, tree branches, leaves, rice husks, and sawdust are very abundant in tropical countries like Indonesia.

The agricultural waste can be converted into a solidified fuel that we call Biomaas. The energy source is small in size but has a long combustion resistance.

For its usefulness we can feel it directly in everyday life such as for grilling food, heating the room to alternative power plant fuel. Biomass itself is the main product that Malang Agro Resources focuses on.

Use Renewable Energy Sources

Malang Agro is a company located in the city of Malang, Indonesia whose focus of activity is to bring renewable energy sources such as Biomass. The company realizes how important the presence of Biomass is for the sustainability of human life.

Moreover, the price of oil and gas is getting more expensive, so it is necessary to have renewable energy sources for future energy solutions. The company is here to provide biomass products such as wood pellets, rice husk, and sawdust to various countries in the world.

With a much cheaper price, the company’s biomass products are able to become alternative fuels for heating, cooking, and power generation needs.

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