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Essential Oil in Humidifier - Benefits and Best Types of Essential Oils

Essential Oil in Humidifier – Essential oils can be used as one of the natural air fresheners that provide many benefits for one’s mental and physical health. Essential oils can also be mixed into a humidifier so that the resulting aroma will fill the entire room. Even by mixing this, you can also relax your mind, relieve fatigue to overcome the flu. Of course, to make this essential in humidifier you have to understand a few steps. Even not all types of humidifiers can be mixed with essential oils.

Here is a brief review of essential oils in humidifiers along with the most popular and frequently used types of oils for humidifier devices that you can try!

How Essential Oil Works in a Humidifier

With a humidifier device, one places water into a tray or reservoir and then plugs in and turns on the device. The way these devices work is by vibrating rapidly to release droplets, or by drawing in and expelling air along with water vapor from its chamber through a filter. Some humidifiers also work with an internal disk that spins quickly to release mist.

With these humidifiers, you can also mix in 4-8 drops of essential oils for a more refreshing and even calming scent sensation. However, you can’t just put essential oils into a humidifier. But, you still need to choose essential oils that suit your taste.

This is because putting essential oils into the most common branded humidifiers risks damaging the device and making it inoperable. Its internal mechanisms and materials are only made to handle water and not oils or other chemical compounds.

Essential oils are more “caustic” and concentrated than water. As a result, putting them into a device that is only designed to use water can eventually corrode the materials in the humidifier and damage the device.

If the humidifier works with filters, essential oils can damage and clog its internal filters, making the humidifier not work properly or eventually break down altogether. Therefore, the usage is limited to a few drops only.

The safest way to use a humidifier containing essential oils is to buy a humidifier that also comes with a diffuser or medicine tray. This keeps the essential oils outside the inner components of the humidifier while still diffusing and releasing them. All you have to do is add the desired essential oil, oil blend, or oil dilution into the tray while following any product instructions. Talk to a product expert for further input.

List of Most Popular Essential Oils for Moisturizing Air

Essential Oil in Humidifier

After you have read some brief reviews of essential oils in humidifiers above, here is a list of some of the most popular and most widely used essential oils. Even these essential oils are known as oils that can calm the mind, manage stress and can treat insomnia, flu and other respiratory problems:

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is known to produce oils with strong therapeutic effects for respiratory health. It can help increase the benefits of using a humidifier when sick. Research suggests that eucalyptus may reduce inflammation and boost immune response in the respiratory tract, although human studies are still needed.

  1. Peppermint Oil

Many people associate the scent of peppermint with cleansing the sinuses, calming breathing, and opening the airways. The essential oil of the mint plant contains compounds used in many over-the-counter cold and flu medications, and has traditionally been used for centuries for respiratory ailments. A study even showed peppermint essential oil helped with COVID-19-related respiratory symptoms.

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  1. Rosemary Oil

The next most phenomenal essential oil is Rosemary. Rosemary is an essential oil that is rich in benefits and is able to maintain respiratory health. It can be an excellent essential oil to use in a humidifier for respiratory problems. In a study, rosemary was mentioned along with many other herbal essential oils to show anti-inflammatory benefits for the respiratory tract, making it suitable for use with humidifiers.

  1. Sage Oil

The common sage plant has been used as a useful herbal remedy for respiratory health and asthma. Sage essential oil contains a powerful compound called rosmarinic acid. An animal study showed that this compound is helpful in reducing lung inflammation associated with asthma, although human studies are still needed.

  1. Spearmint Oil

Just like peppermint oil, spearmint is popular for improving breathing due to its fresh, cooling, clarifying, and calming aroma, making it a perfect choice for diffusers and humidifiers. Spearmint essential oil has long been used as a traditional respiratory remedy, and scientific reviews confirm there is evidence showing spearmint essential oil helps with asthma-related breathing problems, colds, coughs, and more.

Tips for Using a Humidifier forEssential Oil

Essential Oil in Humidifier

For those of you who want to put essential oils in a humidifier, you should mix a small amount and then fill it with water. Using cotton balls A safer way to use essential oils in a humidifier is to first drip the oil on a cotton ball.   Also read: Reasons to Clean Humidifiers Routinely Drop the cotton into the humidifier’s steam holes. The steam will cause the aroma of the essential oil to evaporate into the air without making the essential oil come into direct contact with the inside of the humidifier. Do the cleaning It is not common, but the alcohol in the oils is strong enough to eat away at the plastic parts inside the humidifier. Always make sure to clean the humidifier thoroughly every time after using essential oils.


By using a humidifier with essential oils, you can not only scent the room, but with essential oils in the humidifier, you can also overcome respiratory problems such as flu, headaches and others.

However, to add essential oils in a humidifier device, of course, you can’t just do it. Because if it’s wrong, it will damage your humidifier. Therefore, make sure your product is compatible with it, talk to a product specialist if necessary, and use the right respiratory support essential oil with your product for optimal benefits.

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