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Tips to Make the Best Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Essential Oil for Reed Diffuser – Essential oils have always been the number one calming, refreshing and most popular fragrance for many people. Not only being a sedative and maintaining mental health, this essential oil can also be one of the super refreshing room deodorizers and the fragrance can last long in the room.

This oil is also one of the most popular room deodorizers and you can even use it as a reed diffuser. This rattan reed diffuser is indeed an aesthetic shape. Apart from being a room fragrance, reed diffuser is also useful for beautifying the corners of our room.

For those of you who want to have a reed diffuser and use your favorite essential oils. Here is a brief review of tips and procedures for making essential oil reed diffuser that you can try!

What is Reed Diffuser?

Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are a very popular choice for room fragrances. They produce fragrances from diluted essential oils and gently release them into the air. Reed Diffusers consist of three main components which are small glass jars or bottles, a set of reeds or wooden sticks which usually number seven and essential oils.

For a Reed Diffuser to work, all you need are the reeds inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar filled with scented diffuser oil, these reeds absorb the scent and release a light and pleasant aroma around your home. You can even give your favorite essential oil scent, such as lavender, chamomile, lemon, and so on according to your needs.

How to Make Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Now that you know the reviews about reed diffuser. Here are some steps to make an essential oil reed diffuser that will scent the entire room in your home. The procedure for making it is very easy. Here are the steps:

  1. First prepare the ingredients

  2. A 50 ml glass bottle with a small mouth

For the glass bottle you can use the used serum bottle that I have cleaned. Choose a small mouth bottle, so that the liquid we will make is more durable, not volatile.

  1. Prepare Reed or rattan rod, or you can also use fiber reed.

Can be purchased at the market place at a very cheap price. If my advice is, choose fiber reed (usually black). A little more expensive than rattan, but more durable. But I still like to use the rattan ones myself, because they look prettier on display.

  1. Prepare your favorite essential oil

We can use any scent we like. But my advice is to use essential oils with a strong aroma, such as lemongrass, sweet orange, vanilla or frangipani essential oil. Apart from using a single essential oil, we can also mix two or more essential oils, to get the new scent we want. My favorites are lemongrass and peppermint for the workspace, lavender and vanilla for the bedroom, and frangipani essential oil for the living room. But you can use any scent you like.

  1. Safflower Oil

The best carrier oil for a reed diffuser is safflower oil, as it tends to be light in texture and odorless. But it’s a bit difficult to find safflower oil, it’s rarely sold in the market place. It is said that it can also be replaced with almond oil, because the character of almond oil is also odorless. I myself have tried replacing it with jojoba oil, my reed diffuser still smells good and the fragrance spreads.

  1. Prepare a Bottle of 90% Alcohol

This alcohol is important, to help the texture of the oil to be more easily absorbed by the rattan stems and more easily evaporate. The higher the percentage of alcohol used, the stronger the aroma will be.

The way to make it is quite easy. Pour 50 ml of carrier oil into the mixing jar, then drop in the essential oil. I usually use 20 drops of essential oil for 50 ml of carrier oil, but you can use more if you want a stronger scent. Then add 1 tablespoon of alcohol. Shake the mixing jar in a circular motion to fully incorporate all the liquids. Do not shake or stir too hard let alone until it bubbles, because it will ruin the aroma.

Once the liquid is finished, pour it into the glass bottle we have prepared. Insert some bamboo reed stems. The number of reeds is adjusted according to the strength of the aroma we want and the size of the room. The more reeds we plug in, the stronger the aroma will be, but the liquid will also run out faster. Wait for an hour, then flip the reed

Best Recommendation Essential Oil for Reed Diffuser

For those of you who want to make a reed diffuser with your favorite essential oil scent. You can add it, here are some of the most preferred and recommended essential oils for reed diffusers, namely:

  1. Lavender oil, which has a calming and fresh aroma. So that it can relieve stress and headaches.
  2. Chamomile oil, similar to lavender this oil is also very calming and can control mood and anxiety.
  3. Lemon oil, which is known as a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C, will also provide a refreshing fragrance that can even relieve insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue.
  4. Juniper Berry Oil, this oil has the benefit of controlling mood and anxiety. Its essential oils can also help increase feelings of well-being and help improve sleep.
  5. Cedarwood Oil, this oil has almost the same aroma as citrus. This essential oil also has benefits Cedarwood is useful for improving concentration, relaxing the body, reducing stress, and improving sleep quality.
  6. Orange oil, The scent of sweet orange can provide a cheerful atmosphere and improve mood.


Essential oil is indeed an oil that has many benefits including being one of the air fresheners with a reed diffuser. Even the procedure for making it is relatively simple and uses ingredients that are easily accessible. You can even add your favorite essential oils.

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