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Essential Oil Shelf - Tips and Benefits for Your Essential Oil Collection

Essential Oil Shelf – Essential oils have become an essential part of many households, not only because of the aromatherapy benefits they offer but also because of the beauty of the colorful little bottles. Essential oils have many great benefits for physical and mental health.

Essential oil is natural oils made from extracts of various parts of flower plants, such as petals, leaves, stems, and fruits that have a fresh and soothing aroma. These oils have a distinctive and strong aroma, and are often used in aromatherapy for the purpose of relaxation, skin care, hair care and overcoming anxiety to sleep disorders.

Having an Essential Oil Shelf is the perfect way to store and showcase your essential oil collection in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way. For those of you who want to create a unique and aesthetic essential oil shelf. Here is a brief review of the functions and benefits of an essential oil shelf to how to make and design one that will be useful for you!

Functions and Benefits of Essential Oil Shelf

An essential oil shelf provides many benefits for maintaining the neatness and beauty of a room. Not only serves as a storage area, but also as a decorative element that adds to the beauty of the room with the right selection of shelves. Here are some functions of the essential oil shelf to maintain the quality of your essential oil collection, including:

  1. Avoiding Essential Oil Damage

Essential oils are claimed to be objects that are sensitive to light and heat. Proper storage in the shelf can protect the oil from elements that can damage its quality so that essential oils will remain safe.

  1. Easy to Access and Use

Organized shelves make it easy for you to find the oils you need without having to dig through drawers or boxes. You also don’t have to worry about drops or spills, if you use this shelf.

  1. Showcases Collection and Neatness

A well-designed essential oil shelf can be the center of attention, showcasing essential oil bottles that often have interesting designs. It can even add aesthetic value to a room.

Tips for Choosing the Best Essential Oil Shelf Design and Material

Essential Oil Shelf

Essential oil shelves are available in various designs and materials. In fact, you also have to be smart in choosing the material that will be used to keep essential oils from breaking or being fragile. Here are some of the most popular design and material choices that you can make as a reference before making an essential oil shelf, namely:

  1. Wood

Wood material gives a warm and natural look. Wooden shelves are often durable and add a rustic touch to the room. There are various types of wood that can be used to make shelves, such as teak, mahogany and so on that have been tested for durability and strength.

  1. Metal

Metal shelves offer a more modern and industrial look. They are often lightweight and easy to install. In addition, this metal-based shelf fits perfectly and blends into the room.

  1. Acrylic

Transparent acrylic shelves provide a clean and minimalist look, allowing essential oils to be the main focus. Even this acrylic shelf model is more diverse and will not make you bored. You can also make this essential oil the center of attention in the room. The selection of quality raw materials and the model of this oil rack will also provide aesthetic value and provide long-term beauty of the room in your home.

Tips for Choosing and Buying an Essential Oil Shelf

Now that you know about the various types of essential oil shelves, there are some things that you must pay attention to when choosing and buying essential oil shelves, You are required to choose the best quality shelf if you buy a shelf in a shop, including the following:

  1. Choose the Best Shelf Material

The main thing you must understand when buying an essential oil shelf in online or offline shops are to choose the appropriate shelf material. Make sure you choose a material that is durable and strong if used to organize a lot of essential oils. Because if you are wrong in choosing the quality of the shelf, it will be fatal for the preservation of your essential oil collection.

  1. Choose according to the size of the collection you need

Then, choose a shelf that can hold all your essential oils with additional space for a growing collection. You can also choose the appropriate size, if you want to look aesthetic then you can choose a minimalist size.

  1. Research the Decoration Style

There are various designs and decorations provided in choosing a shelf, so make sure you match the shelf with your home decoration style so that it looks more integrated and aesthetic.

  1. Pay Attention to Other Additional Features

Some shelves come with features such as drawers or special areas for diffusers. Because this is very important for the durability and strength of the shelf.

You can choose to build your own essential oil rack or buy one. If you choose to buy at a home furnishing store then, you can customize the shelf according to your specific needs by researching each shelf starting from the model, material, size and so on. Researching items before buying is a must, this is done so that you do not regret later with the items you buy.


An essential oil shelf is a wise investment for anyone who loves and uses essential oils regularly. By storing your essential oils properly, you not only maintain the quality and content of the essential oils inside but also add beauty and function to your room.

Of course, to buy and make an  cannot be arbitrary, you must be smart in choosing the design and model that you will use. However, you can choose a shelf that suits your needs and tastes, you can also choose the size to the model that suits you and enjoy the fragrance and beauty of essential oils every day.

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