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Industrial Products Made From Citronella

Citronella or lemongrass is a plant that can be used as a high-value industrial product. The products we use may contain ingredients from these plants

High Economic Value

Lemongrass is a valuable plant (photo: CNN Indonesia)

Lemongrass oil contains three main components, citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol. All three will have high economic value if processed further, one of which is into perfume.

Beauty Products

One of the beauty products that can be produced from lemongrass or citronella is high-quality perfume. Having a natural aroma makes the perfume from lemongrass have a very natural and very fresh aroma.

Can Be Used as Massage Oil

Because lemongrass has the ability to overcome dry skin, it can also be used as a massage raw material.

Safe for Baby’s Skin

Citronella oil is often used in various skin beauty products, including in adult products such as sunscreen lotions, creams for acne, etc.

In addition, citronella oil is quite gentle on baby’s skin, so it can also be used in baby products. As long as it does not get into the eyes and mouth, citronella is quite safe from the risk of skin irritation. All parents must prioritize safety in using products for their babies. Moreover, the baby’s skin is still very delicate and vulnerable to skin disorders.

Repels Mosquitoes

products made from lemongrass can repel mosquitoes effectively. Your family will be free from mosquito bites and annoying insects, and avoid the problem of itchy skin, redness, and irritation.

Based on experience, citronella’s ability to repel mosquitoes is quite effective. Using lotion products that contain lemongrass you will be protected from mosquitoes for more than 6 hours. The scent caused by citronella is not as favorable to mosquitoes as lavender flowers.

Ingredients for Essential Oil

One of the other advantages of citronella oil is its fragrance which resembles the aroma of lemon so products containing citronella oil will have a distinctive aroma that is refreshing. Not only does it ward off mosquito bites, but it also smells good.

Inatropis, which is a company that has superior essential oil products, makes lemongrass as its raw material. To get the oil content in it, citronella leaves are distilled to remove the oil content.

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You can find citronella products on this website or on Inatropis’ Instagram.

Essential oil inatropis presents premium quality aromatherapy with attention to quality and originality in its manufacture. Therapy is very good but don’t let it cause new problems such as skin irritation problems to respiratory infections. So, choose essential oil products that are truly pure and quality.

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