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Purple Flower! Here Are The Lavender Essential Oil Facts

Lavender flowers are not ordinary flowers. The herbal plant that is identical to the purple color can be used as a lavender essential oil that makes the mind calmer with its distinctive aroma.

This plant is very easy to recognize because this plant is very popular in the world of health, beauty to aromatherapy. He is a purple flower that is able to change the mood that is not calm to be more relaxed and focused. For this reason, this flower is the most sought-after flower as a therapy for people whose days are very busy.

The Virtues Of Lavender The Purple Flower

The following are unique facts about lavender flowers that are often used as ornamental plants, perfumes to aromatherapy. Offered by Malang Agro Resources as a Lavender Flower Essential Oil Producer for those of you who want to get to know lavender flowers.

For Ornamental Plants

Lavender flower (photo: Halodoc)

The characteristics of lavender flowers are almost similar to shrub plants but what makes them unique is their charming purple color. The stem has many branches with flowers at the top of the purple stem.

For many Indonesians, lavender flowers are used as flowers to decorate rooms in homes and offices. The unique shape of the exotic purple color gives a charming and expensive impression. Although the actual price of this flower is not too expensive but has an expensive impression when in the workspace.

Uniquely, lavender flowers will emit a fragrant aroma when the flower is touched or rubbed. No wonder this flower is highly sought after, especially by women who love decorative flowers. This aroma is what makes flower lovers really like this one flower.

Room Fragrance To Car

The solution to a smelly room is to spray perfume throughout the room. This method is the most common action taken when the nose responds to unpleasant odors in the room. As for cars, there is usually perfume attached to the car air conditioner that gives the car a fragrant scent.

Furthermore, the scent on the perfume usually does not last long and sometimes has a scent that makes the head become dizzy instantly because of its sharp aroma.

The scent of lavender essential oil has a very distinctive aroma and is easy to recognize. In a matter of seconds, we immediately recognize that this is the scent of lavender flowers. The aroma of lavender essential oil has a soft aroma and is not too sharp.

Improves Concentration

There is a study to test the learning concentration of school students during 8 hours of learning. This study aims to see the response of students after the classroom is installed with an essential oil diffuser. The result is that all students or school students in a class really enjoy the aroma of lavender essential oil.

All students who were in the research experiment looked more enthusiastic and more motivated to follow lessons at school compared to other classes. They previously looked less motivated now they are very motivated because of the Lavender essential oil diffuser placed in the classroom.

This is because the aromatic substances from lavender essential oil have the ability to increase neural stimulation in the brain. Thus, there is a balance between the left brain which regulates logical abilities, and the right brain which regulates emotions. After the brain balance is created, there is a surge of motivation in student learning.

Finally, we can conclude, that lavender essential oil is a solution for those of you who have difficulty achieving concentration in learning and working.

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For Aromatherapy and Relaxation

Our bodies are very susceptible to mood swings. When the mood is bad, any situation at that time will be bad too. Especially in the situation at work, it is strictly forbidden to do unpleasant actions. Because it will have an impact on the performance of a person or team.

Our brain’s nervous system regulates mood and responds to changes in the atmosphere.  A bad atmosphere will be responded to by the brain quickly. So before things get bad, you can take a minute to relax with lavender essential oil aromatherapy.

Does it really help? Yes, it is very helpful. The optimal way to get the benefits of lavender essential oil is by inhaling its aroma through a diffuser. Instantly the molecules or substances from the essential lavender will be directly received by the limbic system called the amygdala. This is where the mood processing is located.

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For Psychiatric Medicine

A person’s mental problems are usually preceded by an acute stress disease that cannot be resolved properly. Never underestimate mental symptoms that start with stress.

The solution to overcome depression, stress, and mental disorders by stimulate the mind with neural therapy using aromatherapy. In this case, lavender essential oil is more recommended than other aroma essential oils.

The linalool content in lavender can create a relaxing anti-depressive atmosphere that can restore the disturbed mood of a person’s mind and heart.

For Skin Care

When it comes to skincare, cosmetics, and beauty companies use lavender as a constituent of their beauty products. The beauty products include perfume, skincare, body lotion, and bath soap.

With innovation and technology, these beauty companies make lavender as the main composition to smooth the skin, provide a soft aroma, and protect skin moisture.

An example of a beauty product that uses lavender flowers is Dove Relaxing Body Wash With Lavender And Chamomile. Who doesn’t know Dove beauty products? They even use lavender as their flagship product.

Commercial Flower Business

If we see lavender as a plant commodity for commercialization or sale. Because the shape of this plant is very beautiful and elegant. No wonder this one flower sells well. Those of you who don’t have an entrepreneurial idea can start your business by selling lavender flowers on social media or e-commerce.

Insect Repellent

Lavender is also known as an insect-repellent plant such as mosquitoes. So it’s no wonder that lavender essential oil is used as an anti-mosquito lotion product. By using lavender lotion, you can avoid insect bites such as mosquitoes.

Overcoming Insomnia and Headaches

Lavender Essential Oil is proven to have the virtue of relaxing the mind and reducing stress. The same can also be done for people who have sleep disorders.

For people with insomnia, you can try to relax your mind and sleep in a room with an essential oil diffuser installed. Sleep disorders will disappear instantly by using Lavender Essential Oil. The same for those of you who suffer from headaches. Essential oils can relieve headaches due to tense nerves.

Anti-Septic And Anti-Inflammatory

The thing that is no less amazing than lavender flowers is the anti-septic and anti-inflammatory contained in them. Which, the anti-inflammatory substance can heal wounds and damage the skin. Great also yes it turns out this one flower.


Thus the review of lavender flowers along with the properties of lavender essential oil which has many virtues that we have discussed together.

Finding lavender flowers is not difficult actually because it is available in several flower shops and sold in e-commerce. However, looking for essential oil products should not be arbitrary, Malang Agro friends. Because only experienced companies can present genuine lavender essential oil with strict testing standards.

The lavender flower by Malang Agro is extracted in the form of lavender essential oil which has a purity level of 100 percent with certified laboratory testing.

With this method, Malang Agro Resources succeeded in establishing Inatropis which specializes in providing high-quality Essential Oil. If you want to find essential oil products, contact Inatropis, the original essential oil from Malang, Indonesia.

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