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Here Are 9 Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil for Your Body

Lemon fruit that has a fresh taste. Where this one fruit can be extracted into lemon essential oil which has many properties. What are the properties of lemon essential oil? It must make you curious.

Research continues to develop so that the emergence of an idea to extract lemons into essential oils that are durable and can be used at any time. We know that this fruit has many virtues such as helping to lower blood sugar levels, increase body immunity, and maintain heart health.

So no wonder with so many properties, this fruit must be extracted into essential oil. But before we talk about this lemon essential oil, let’s talk about the other virtues of lemon fruit. You’re curious right?

Health Benefits of Lemon

lemon fruit extract (photo: Halodoc)

This fruit can be said to be a fruit that must be consumed for vitamin C intake in the body. Besides oranges, lemon extract has a lot of vitamin C content.

For Brighter Skin

Lemon essential oil has the virtue of whitening the face and treating acne inflammation due to excess oil on the face. With its acid and Vitamin C content, lemon extract is best for brightening and treating the skin.

To Disguise Scars

The lemon extract also has the property of disguising wounds and helping the process of exfoliating dead skin quickly. Which, exfoliation is a treatment to remove dead skin cells and dust attached to facial skin.

As skincare experts do, they use lemon essential oil or lemon fruit directly to fade dark spots on the skin. Why is lemon able to rejuvenate one’s skin? That’s because, in the lemon content, there is anti-oxidant content that can ward off free radicals.

Prevents Heart Pain

Lemon’s high vitamin C content makes this fruit very capable of preventing heart attacks early on. Which, heart problems are many factors, one of which is cholesterol levels in the blood that interfere with the work of the heart.

Many studies have shown the ability of lemon extract to lower cholesterol, one of the causes of the risk of heart disease is very dangerous. We must maintain the work of the heart so that at any time not exposed to a very deadly heart attack.

There are many ways to consume lemon fruit. Some consume the fruit as a whole, mix lemon extract into drinks, or consume it by inhaling lemon essential oil. Whatever it is, try to fulfill your vitamin C needs in the body by consuming lemons, oranges, and other vitamin C-rich fruits.

Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a type of disease in which the blood sugar content of the patient exceeds the normal level that should be. With high sugar levels, diabetics have the potential to develop dangerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and nerve damage to the feet.

People with diabetes should control their diet and eat healthy foods that contain vitamin C and Vitamin D. For vitamin C, there is lemon extract.

Prevents Infection

Lemon peel and lemon extract are known to have anti-bacterial properties that prevent infections in the human body. The content of lemon extract can make the body’s immune system increase so that the body is stronger against disease and infection.

Lose Weight

Basically, excess weight is due to the large intake of calories in the body in the form of food and lack of physical activity. The incoming calories should be balanced with burning activities such as exercise, work, and other activities.

Although it does not affect directly, lemon extract which is rich in vitamin C helps in launching the body’s metabolism. Balanced with a healthy diet, consuming lemon extract is effective in losing weight significantly.

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For Digestive Health

The most common digestive problems that arise are difficulty defecating and yellow urine. That’s a sign that you’re dehydrated and lacking vitamin C. Consuming lemon extract helps maintain the body’s digestive system.

However, it should be noted that consuming excessive vitamin C is also not good because it can potentially cause kidney stones. Vitamin C should be excreted along with the urine. Consumption of lemon extract and vitamin C should maintain a balance and should not be excessive.

For Immunity Against Disease

Lemon extract and lemon essential oil are very good for consumption to form immunity for the body to fight disease. That way, the body is not susceptible to disease because it has strong immunity.

Relaxation With Lemon Essential Oil

You should try relaxing with lemon essential oil, which has a light, fresh, and cheerful aroma. Essential oil is a method of extracting plants into a pure essential oil whose content is the same as the original. Storing lemon essential oil, makes it easier to carry and more durable.

The method of using lemon essential oil is to spray the room with a diffuser that has been filled with lemon essential oil. Instantly the fresh aroma of the essential oil diffuser fills your workspace which provides additional motivation at work.

There have been many studies on how the effect of inhaling aromatherapy from essential oils on mood and mind changes. You should try it once to prove the benefits of using essential oils for your health therapy.

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Lemon Essential Oil by Malang Agro

8 variants of essential oils for perfume (photo: instagram/inatropis)

Now you know the virtues of lemon fruit which has many roles for health. Therefore, Malang Agro tries to distill essential oil from lemon extract. The goal is to get the purity of lemon fruit in a small bottle that is more practical.

Malang Agro is a company engaged in agriculture and the production of quality essential oils. Then, this company regularly innovates by launching Essential Oil products for your health needs with various variants.

It is important for us to inform loyal readers of Malang Agro, that the essential oil products in this company have passed a series of clinical trials in the laboratory. The purpose is to ensure the purity of essential oils sold to Malang Agro customers.

Inatropis as a business unit of Malang Agro which is domiciled in Malang City, Indonesia, has issued many essential oil variants. Among them are lemon essential oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, citronella oil, and magnolia to rosemary essential oil.

Lemon essential oil is the best-selling product because it has a fresh aroma to scent the room and therapy using a diffuser. In addition, lemon also has a mild and not sharp aroma. Well, those of you who are interested in ordering superior Malang Agro products can contact us.

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