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Essential Oils Maintain Body Balance

Keeping healthy is a must and essential oils are a way to stimulate the body to get healthy again. No matter how busy you are, give your body time to find its balance. To get back to health, you must do several positive activities such as therapy. Essential oils as aromatherapy have been proven to effectively restore balance, and reduce stress and anxiety. Last but not least, aroma therapy from essential oils can provide healing effects for human psychological disorders.

To keep the Body Healthy

Most adults spend most of their time earning money by working. Which, working is an activity that uses a lot of energy. So what happens afterward? Of course, physical exhaustion and psychological fatigue are what comes after work. If you don’t balance the heavy activity with nutrition, adequate exercise, therapy, and rest then there will be several big risks ahead of you. So, what are the activities that should not be done excessively and what are the solutions?

Thinking too Hard

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Thinking too hard can cause stress that is at risk of causing diseases such as depression, headaches, heart problems to skin disorders such as acne. So, what should we do to reduce overthinking? Do mind relaxation with therapy? And it turns out that Essential oils have a way of working that can provide

Reducing excessive stress at work with therapy from the aroma of essential oils has proven to be very effective. Using Essential oil with a stimulating fresh spearmint aroma in your workspace provides comfort while working. This therapy can reduce stress and pressure at work. A very good need for relaxation of the mind while working. Of course, thinking too hard requires enough sleep for the body to find its balance.

Workout Overload

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Everyone also knows that a workout is healthy. But not many know, that too much exercise also provides health risks. Because too hard exercising, has an impact that is not good for the body. Several health problems due to overtraining are dehydration, dizziness, and lack of body fluids. People who do not exercise with a very bad lifestyle and can make you suffer in the future.

After exercising, don’t sleep and instead do light activities that are vital for the body such as cooling down and stretching. Health experts also recommend a sauna after sports activities. What is a sauna? A sauna is a relaxation in a warm room that can release sweat, reduce tension, and provide comfort. It functions the same as essential oils that provide comfort from aromatherapy.

Working without Rest

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Working without sleep can make your body’s immunity drop. Many incidents that cause people to fall instantly are due to poor sleep patterns. According to health experts, insufficient sleep will cause cardiovascular problems such as heart disease. Why work hard when you can spend all your money on serious treatment at the hospital? Of course, you don’t want that, right?

It turns out that getting quality sleep is not easy. Especially when it comes to unfinished work that requires you to stay up late. The stress factor also affects a person’s sleep. People like this are very susceptible to getting insomnia, the symptom is difficulty sleeping. Such things cannot be allowed and must get a solution. You should undergo several therapies to get quality sleep. Aromatherapy from lavender essential oil is very helpful for relaxation and restful sleep.

Hedonic Lifestyle

A hedonic lifestyle or excessive lifestyle causes a person to lose their rational mind. This is because the act of spending more money than receiving money is a wrong action. People who live in an extravagant style use their money for fun rather than spending according to their needs. Sooner or later, failure to manage money will lead to psychological disorders, namely stress.

As we all know, stress can disrupt the balance of the body. If you find the habit of wasteful living in yourself, then immediately change the habit. Forming new habits takes time and process. This is the same as therapy which requires patience for a cure. A wasteful lifestyle is like a disease that must be treated immediately and get serious therapy.

Eating too Much

Eating too Much (photo: IDN Times)


In our brain, there is a nervous system that regulates emotions. Emotions that are not good will develop into stress. One of the signs of stress is an increased desire to consume food. The food that enters the body becomes uncontrolled, resulting in obesity. A person who is under high stress pressure is very vulnerable to obesity where the person unconsciously consumes too much food and drink. Until finally a careless diet causes the body to lose its stability.

Obesity caused by eating too much is at risk of causing various digestive problems such as diarrhea, nausea, and cramps in the digestive muscles. So, if we have digestive problems what should we do? The trick is to eat less and do some stress therapy. Besides being able to provide emotional stability, Essential oil therapy can provide stability to the digestive muscles and remove excess gas in the body. Peppermint extract from essential oils works in the same way as eucalyptus oil to maintain the body and overcome digestive problems.

Consuming too Much Sugar

cold sweet tea with sugar content (photo: dataindonesia)


Sugar in the blood should not be more than the normal level. If you consume too much sugar, you should consider the risks. According to WHO, diabetes caused by sugar levels in the blood will cause serious illness. Among other things, damage to blood vessels causes heart disease. Excess sugar can cause problems to the nervous system and kidneys.

What should we do to avoid this serious disease? Do two things, first, avoid eating foods that contain a lot of sugar. The second is to do several therapies that involve physical and non-physical activities. Physical therapy includes regular exercise along with drinking enough water. While non-physical therapies such as aromatherapy use essential oils from plant extracts that have compounds that have antioxidant and antidiabetic activities. Plants such as Caesalpinia sappan L or Secang leaves are anti-diabetes plants.


Losing wealth can be made up for by working while losing health means losing everything. Balancing work activities with therapy is a must. Which therapy can be in the form of therapy involving physical and non-physical by doing aromatherapy from essential oils.

Recognize activities that should not be done excessively. By reducing activities such as excessive thinking, working without rest, extravagant lifestyles and consuming too much sugar. Even doing exercise has its conditions so that the body does not lose a large amount of fluid.

Essential oil inatropis presents premium quality aromatherapy with attention to quality and originality in its manufacture. Therapy is very good but don’t let it cause new problems such as skin irritation problems to respiratory infections. So, choose essential oil products that are truly pure and quality.

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