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Natural Perfume: Recommendations For Your Prayer

Praying by wearing a natural perfume provides comfort during prayer. It is true that an unpleasant aroma makes prayer unfocused.

But not everyone wears perfume during worship. It could be because they are worried about wearing the wrong perfume so the sharp aroma actually makes other people uncomfortable. In addition, doubts about the content of the perfume are the next reason.

Wear the Best Perfume During Prayer

8 variants of essential oils for perfume (photo: Instagram/inatropisofficial)

When on the move, especially during shalat or prayer, we need a natural scent perfume for comfort and confidence. While in the mosque, for example, we are very disturbed if there is an unpleasant aroma during worship. Therefore, this is where the importance of wearing fragrances during worship lies.

Meanwhile, if we observe perfume products for prayer services, many come from Middle Eastern countries. That is because the perfume has a fragrant aroma. The most important thing is that perfumes from Middle Eastern countries can dismiss doubts about halal status.

In prayer, one must pay attention to the sanctity of clothing, including the use of perfume. So it is not arbitrary to use perfume for prayer. Preferably, choose a natural aroma perfume that contains natural ingredients from plant extracts. In addition, pay attention to perfume ingredients that do not contain unclean so that worship becomes valid.

8 Natural Perfume from Essential Oil

Natural ingredients from plant extracts for your perfume are the right choice. In addition, essential oils from selected plant extracts emit a soothing aroma. The choice of comfort for prayer.

Meanwhile, essential oils from these selected plants come from within the country. So you don’t need to look for perfume in Middle Eastern countries because in Indonesia there are already essential oil products with natural aromas.

Is it true that natural plant aroma perfume exists in Indonesia? Make you curious right? The following is a natural aroma perfume from essential oils made by Indonesians. This perfume will make your prayer more focused.

Peppermint Essential Oil

You certainly know the taste sensation and aroma of menthol from toothpaste. There is a sensation of cold, fresh, fragrant, and more energized. That is what you will feel when wearing peppermint aroma perfume for your worship.

Meanwhile, the origin of peppermint itself is a type of plant from the crossbreeding between watermint and spearmint plants. The peppermint plant has the Latin name mentha x piperita which is also widely used as a medicinal plant to relieve stomach pain.

In addition, the fresh aroma of Peppermint Essential Oil will make you feel refreshed and enthusiastic about religious activities. Meanwhile, the zuhur prayer time is during the hot afternoon. Wearing peppermint scent perfume is the perfect choice for prayer when you need an extra boost of energy in the middle of a tiring day.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender flower (photo: Halodoc)

It looks like you should try lavender scent for your choice of perfume for prayer. Because at that moment what you need is a relaxed state, focus, and concentration. Meanwhile, your workload has made everything unsettled in worship. Thus, you become hurried and unfocused.

The calming essential oil of lavender aroma can help reduce the stress of the mind so that you can focus on worship. In addition, this scent is an ideal choice to relax the body and sleep better. Perfume with a lavender scent is perfect to use during Isha prayer time.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

besides for perfume, lemongrass as an herbal plant (photo: Unsplash)

A plant called lemongrass is a tropical plant found in Asia that has the virtue of being a medicinal plant. By Indonesians, this plant is a cooking spice that gives off a fragrant aroma.

Making lemongrass extract from essential oil as a perfume is a good idea because it is safer on your skin. In addition, this essential has a fresh and clean scent. When worshiping, the aroma of this perfume makes others around us comfortable.

The scent of lemongrass perfume is like a fresh citrus scent that makes the user more confident. In addition, it makes the skin cleaner as well as natural care.

Rosemary Essential Oil

beautiful rosemary plant (photo: kompas)

The scent of this perfume is very favored by women because it has the scent of roses. It is suitable for mothers who have busy activities. So it requires a perfume that increases self-confidence.

In addition, rosemary essential has a warm aroma that is suitable for creating a comfortable atmosphere during prayer. According to research the aroma of rosemary is beneficial in improving memory and concentration. Times of worship are moments that require comfort and concentration. In addition, the scent of rosemary is ideal for times when you want to relax.

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Magnolia Essential Oil

magnolia flower (photo: wikipedia)

Magnolia perfume without alcohol mixture has a natural fresh fragrance that is perfect for worship. The scent of magnolia flowers is a favorite of women to accompany their daily activities. besides for worship, wearing magnolia perfume for work and leisure is also very suitable.

Perfume from magnolia flower extract has a sweet and floral aroma that can improve mood. in addition, using magnolia essential oil as your perfume is a smart choice to increase women’s authority.

Spearmint Essential Oil

The advantage of this spearmint essential oil perfume is its light aroma. The perfume that has a pungent aroma is of course very disturbing comfort. The soothing scent of spearmint provides a serene atmosphere in worship. So you will linger in your worship.

In addition, this essential can provide a refreshing aroma and help relieve tension.  Ideal for use after a long day of physically and emotionally draining work.

Lemon Essential Oil

Fresh lemon is a fruit that is very popular for its taste and aroma. Lemon fruit has a fresh scent. Wearing this natural aroma perfume improves your mood for the day’s activities. Especially if you use it for worship, you will be even more excited to do religious activities.

In addition, this essential provides a bright, refreshing scent that can eliminate drowsiness and raise your spirits. When sleepy we usually need a cup of coffee, now just spray lemon essential oil on your body and room.

Cardamom Essential Oil

The unique fragrance of cardamom is a favorite of men. The aroma is calming and comforting when praying.

In addition, the warm and spicy aroma of cardamom essential oil can create an atmosphere suitable for relaxing and attending official events.


Perfume is a necessity for comfort and confidence in activities. Be it for work, worship, and attending important events.

Meanwhile, choosing perfume also requires precision. There are several incidents where perfume has been used but it actually makes the wearer become insecure. That’s because the scent is not fragrant and pungent. Therefore, the solution is to choose a natural scent perfume with an original fragrance from natural plants.

Perfume from essential oils makes you focus on activities, and prayers and more confident. In addition, Essential oils have several virtues such as reducing stress, raising mood, reducing inflammation, sleeping well, and relieving anxiety.

You need to know that all essentials are produced from within Indonesia. So you don’t need to look for it abroad. Inatropis is part of the Malang Agro Resources company and understands your needs so that it presents essential oils of premium quality and natural. The company, which is located in Malang City, has developed many variants of the number one quality essential oil in Indonesia.


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