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A tree has roots, trunk, branches, and leaves that can all be processed. Its waste can be processed into wood pellet. The decision to choose a piece of wood means answering the important question of whether it is real wood or not. Everyone looking for good wood needs to be assured of the quality of real wood before buying it.

There are many ways to determine whether wood is real or not. It can be seen from the weight, texture, and layers. With some of these components, we can make a decision.

In addition, the price of wood is one of the indicators to make a decision to buy. Of course, it is impossible for real wood to have a very cheap price. Don’t be easily fooled by lightweight solid wood promotional sentences.

Tips for Choosing High-Quality Wood

A forest tree has high economic value. Starting from the roots, trunk, twigs, and leaves nothing is in vain. Large wooden tree trunks can be processed into household items such as beds, tables, and chairs. Besides being strong, furniture made from real wood is usually more durable.

So, how to determine whether a wood is real or fake? This time Malang Agro will discuss it specifically for you.

Look at The Price

Real wood has a high economic value. It is true that price determines the quality of an item. For example, if we buy a chair made of real wood. good chairs usually have a very expensive purchase price because of the quality of the material.

Usually, wood that lives in the forest takes up to twenty years to grow big. after that, it takes a very complicated process to make the wood ready to be used as furniture. So it is very reasonable to see the quality of the wood from the price.

Look at The Weight of The Wood

wood illustration (photo: housing)

The wood weight reflects the density of the wood. Because real wood has density and has no empty vacuum.

Meanwhile, fake wood has a vacuum which is then manipulated by compacting wood fibers, fibers, or coatings. Large wood does not necessarily also have a heavy mass.

There are several factors that affect the weight of wood. These include cell arrangement, cell wall thickness, chemical composition, and the number of pores in the wood itself. In conclusion, choose wood that has a proportional weight and is dense. Solid but light wood is suspicious of its authenticity. Solid, strong, and heavy wood is certainly authentic.

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Look at the Texture and Pattern of the Wood

Wood texture indicates the roughness or smoothness of the wood. Good quality wood is visible from the texture that we can feel using our own hands.

Wood has different textures. Rough is not necessarily bad and vice versa. Each tree is also different in texture such as oak wood which is rather rough compared to merbau wood which is smoother. For example, teak wood has a more beautiful texture than other woods.

Choose the wood texture that suits your reference needs. Each wood has a different price depending on the tree it comes from. For that, try to enrich your insight by reading a lot of literature about wood trees. It can make you less gullible and more observant in making a decision.

In addition, the patterns seen on a large piece of wood indicate the age of the tree from which the wood comes. Let’s take teak as an example. The older the teak tree, the stronger the wood it produces.

Look at the Wood Layer

If we want to see whether a piece of wood is real or not, look at the layers. Because a real wood does not have many layers. In addition, the layers on the wood indicate the possibility that it is artificial wood.

With additional layers, the imperfections of the fake wood can be covered. Look at the surface of the wood before buying it to see if there are any layers covering it. The coating may be an additional coating such as fiber or it could even be given a coat of paint.

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Wood Waste Can Be Biomass

wood pellets illustration (photo:doc)

After we discussed the quality of forest tree wood, now what about the wood waste? We know that making furniture made of wood will produce waste such as sawdust.

Sawdust by Malang Agro Resources becomes the main material for making biomass such as wood pellet. A solid energy source that has a very small form. Although small, biomass can be a long-lasting fuel.

As a renewable energy source, biomass is more efficient in its use as fuel for cooking or heating your room. Biomass, which is made from wood waste, has been exported by poor agro to various countries.

By using biomass, we are indirectly helping the world to reduce carbon emissions. This means that we have also saved the world from global warming due to the greenhouse effect.

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Wood Quality Assurance

Malang Agro Resources is a trusted Indonesian innovator in building strong strategic partnerships with raw material sources and wood pellet manufacturers. By collaborating closely with reliable suppliers of sawdust, wood chips, and other biomass materials.

At the same time, Malang Agro’s partnership with wood pellet manufacturers guarantees the availability of high-quality premium wood pellets to its customers. If you are looking for quality wood, you can trust Malang Agro.


This is our review on how to choose quality wood. We have shared some tips for choosing quality wood for you. Hopefully, it is useful and can be applied to your needs in finding quality wood.

In addition, before deciding to buy wood, it’s a good idea to read an article about the tree the wood comes from. The character of teak trees is of course different from mahogany trees. After that, maybe you should read the knowledge about the prices of the wood. If the price is far below the standard price or market price, the authenticity of the wood should be suspected.

In addition, Malang Agro is always at the forefront of educating our loyal readers to switch to the energy source of the future, wood pellet. This renewable energy source is proven to be a solution to the energy crisis. And it is time for us to switch from petroleum-based energy sources to renewable energy sources.

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