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Pogostemon cablin


Cultivation of Patchouli in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest producer of Patchouli oil, contributing to over 80% of the global supply (1,000 – 1,200 MT). Patchouli is a perennial aromatic herb species that thrives in warm, tropical climates. This makes Indonesia a perfect place to cultivate it. Over the years, the cultivation of Patchouli has shifted across Indonesia’s various islands, and Sulawesi is currently where most of the Patchouli is farmed.  

History of Patchouli

In Indonesia, the patchouli plant has long been used as a fragrance and traditional medicine. In the 19th century, patchouli oil began to be exported from Indonesia to Europe and the United States, where it became very popular as a perfume and medicinal ingredient. 

However, Indonesia’s patchouli oil production declined in the early 20th century due to competition from other countries and wars in Indonesia. But eventually, Indonesia’s patchouli oil production increased again in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today, Indonesia is the world’s leading producer of patchouli oil and is mainly produced in the provinces of East Java, Central Java, and Sumatra.

How do we source our Patchouli Oil ?

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