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Things That Make a Home Cozy: Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser is the little thing that makes you feel at home all day. Aromatherapy makes your mind relax without having to find another place to study, do assignments, and do other activities. It’s a habit that when you have a lot of heavy assignments, it feels like you want to leave the house to find a cozy cafe to finish all your tasks.

But take it easy, you don’t need to leave the house to get a cozy atmosphere for work. Because we can bring our own atmosphere as comfortable as possible. The requirements for a comfortable home are clean, cool air, smooth air circulation, and a soft room aroma.

Cozy Things At Home

In order for the house to feel comfortable, you need to consider presenting these objects at home. Objects are actually not mandatory but the presence of this object is able to provide an atmosphere of comfort.

AC (Air Conditioner)

Concentration and mood are greatly affected by room temperature. Anyone who is in a closed and hot room, certainly will not feel at home for long in it. So, to keep the room temperature cool and fresh, you need to consider presenting an air conditioner in the house.

In addition, the existence of an air conditioner is very helpful for those of you who currently have small children. Because small children are very susceptible to being disturbed by changes in temperature. When the room temperature is hot and stuffy, small children will respond by crying loudly, rashes on the skin, itching, sweating very much to having difficulty sleeping.

With air conditioning, it is very helpful to solve these problems and keep your child’s body temperature more stable and sleep better. Avoid mosquito bites and potential dehydration.

Having an air conditioner in your home can be costly. There are still other ways to produce room comfort without having to buy an air conditioner.

Exhaust Fan

The second thing that should be in the house is the exhaust fan. This tool functions so that the flow of air circulation in the room remains smooth and keeps changing.

This tool is intended for homes that have very few ventilation holes. By using this tool, at least it gives freshness to a house with minimal windows and air ventilation holes.

In addition, exhaust fans are usually placed in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Where these two rooms are very vulnerable to air pollution such as puffs of cooking smoke in the kitchen. The bathroom is a place for small and large water disposal that requires sufficient air circulation.

Just like air conditioning, presenting an exhaust fan also requires a lot of money. The solution if you are unable to present this tool is to increase the airflow through vents and windows.


It’s not fun to be in a hot room. Then the fan is a solution for rooms that are not equipped with air conditioning. With prices and costs that are not as expensive as air conditioning, fans help you in a room that is quite hot.

Although fans can provide a cool temperature, they can cause some health problems, especially respiratory problems. Continuous exposure to fans over a long period of time can cause dehydration and dryness of the skin.

Ornamental Plants

What is the relationship between ornamental plants and comfort in a room? Very big influence too, Malang Agro friend. Because the presence of beautiful and fragrant ornamental plants can provide a positive aura and a good mood.

For the selection of ornamental plants themselves, Malang Agro recommends lavender flower plants. Purple flowers that have an expensive impression and a soft aroma make anyone feel comfortable. Uniquely, this flower when touched and rubbed increasingly emits a distinctive fragrance.

In addition, this lavender flower by Malang Agro Resources is innovated into lavender essential oil which has significant added value. The flower is extracted into an essential oil which then produces a minimalist-size bottle.

Furthermore, the breakthrough made by Malang Agro is to create a fragrant room atmosphere through a Reed diffuser. This fragrant aroma spreads to provide an unbelievable sensation of comfort in your room.

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Reed Diffuser

meditation in a naturally scented room (photo: Instagram/Inatropis)

The room feels more complete with a reed diffuser. This tool called a reed diffuser is more efficient than diffusers that use electricity or electric current.

This reed diffuser is a type of room fragrance that utilizes sticks or what is called a reed. This incense-like stick functions to absorb essential oils that are in a bottle-like container and then spread the aroma of essential oils naturally without the help of electricity.

In addition, the reed diffuser looks quite elegant when placed in one corner of your home room. And feel the sensation of a soft aroma coming out of the reed diffuser throughout your room. A smart solution to make the house more cozy without having to spend a lot of money.

Essential Oil

Essential oils are oils distilled from natural herbal plants such as lavender, lemon, rosemary, magnolia, peppermint, and spearmint. Which is the result of distillation into an oil called essential oil.

Reed diffuser will not release a refreshing aroma without absorbing essential oils. The tool in the form of sticks or incense requires enough essential oil in a transparent glass bottle-shaped container. So a reed diffuser is incomplete without essential oil.

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Malang Agro Produces Essential Oil

8 variants of essential oils for perfume (photo: instagram/inatropis)

Malang Agro helps bring a cozy atmosphere to your home with export-quality essential oils at a very affordable price. Essential oils from Malang Agro have undergone a series of clinical trials to produce original essential oils.

Realize the dream of your dream home that is cool and fragrant so you no longer need to look for a café to work comfortably. Simply by presenting a reed diffuser and essential oil to realize a cozy and comfortable home.

The company, located in Malang, Indonesia, is committed to providing quality essential oils and guaranteed originality. We pay attention to this detail so that essential oil products from Malang Agro are trusted by customers such as Lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, citronella oil, rosemary oil to magnolia oil.

We believe that this company does not sell goods but a value which is health value, religion value, pride value, and comfort value. Many people we have helped out of their problems such as stress and mental problems with essential oil aromatherapy using a reed diffuser.

Contact us for further consultation with Inatropis, Malang Agro Resources business unit engaged in the production of the best essential oils.

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