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10 Effective Steps to Remove Bad Odor

This step is very effective in eliminating bad odor in your home, office, or wherever you are. Don’t get used to living in a bad way and start getting used to living in a healthy way.

Meanwhile, air is the main component to ensure the health of the body. If the surrounding air is not good, it will affect our physical and mental health. So what are the steps to eliminate unpleasant odors in our homes?

Steps to Overcome Unpleasant Odor

The following Malang Agro will summarize 10 simple steps to get rid of a bad odor that all comes from a habit. What are the steps? Let’s see this explanation

Routine House Cleaning

To eliminate unpleasant odors at home one must routinely clean the house every day. Make sure there is no dust and food waste at home. You don’t have to use room deodorizers, just make sure every corner of the room in your house is cleaned.

By routinely cleaning the house such as sweeping, you have certainly prevented the source of the unpleasant odor.

Pay Attention to Airflow Quality

The origin of the bad odor source could be due to poor airflow quality. So that the air becomes trapped because there is not enough ventilation.

Meanwhile, the surrounding environment greatly affects the quality of the air we breathe. People who live near large factories or mining sites have poor air quality compared to people who live in the mountains of a village.

Drying Clothes

Whether you realize it or not, it turns out that the habit of leaving wet clothes is not good. The smell of wet clothes presents an unpleasant and unhealthy aroma.

Therefore, you should not put on wet clothes carelessly. And immediately dry it so that there are no more wet clothes hanging in the bathroom and elsewhere in your home.

Use Disinfectant for Toilet

The toilet is a place that is often a source of unpleasant odors. Either it may be due to clogged drains or urine that is not flushed cleanly.

Especially if you are in a public space, usually public toilets are a little less clean. Everyone is free to use this toilet so the manager of public toilets should use disinfectants to kill germs and scent the toilet.

Wearing Long-Lasting Fragrance

Unpleasant odors may come from the scent of your body. The armpits are the part of the body that most often gives off an unpleasant aroma. Especially people who rarely exercise often experience this kind of body condition. There is a problem with the metabolism of the body so an unpleasant aroma appears.

So, using natural perfume can be a solution to overcome the unpleasant aroma that comes from our own bodies. choose a soft and long-lasting perfume scent such as natural plant scents derived from essential oils.

Wash Food Utensils Immediately

Former food is a source of an unpleasant odor that sometimes the aroma makes the stomach become nauseous. Moreover, you do not wash the dishes used for food for more than 2 days. The foul smell that comes from the dishwasher makes the air of the house unhealthy again.

There is no solution to overcome this other than fighting laziness itself. The laziness of washing food utensils will make you bother yourself with the unpleasant aroma.

Disposing of Garbage

There are two types of waste: organic waste and non-organic waste. Organic waste is usually easier to decompose and is often used as fuel. Examples are wood, twigs, husks, and others. Even this organic waste can be used as a renewable fuel source such as briquettes. Instead of throwing it away, it is better to make this waste as fuel.

Meanwhile, the source of many of these a bad odor comes from inorganic waste and this must be addressed immediately. This type of waste is difficult to decompose by soil so it must be disposed of immediately.

However, unfortunately, many people have a penchant for leaving garbage and not disposing of it immediately. So that it causes an unpleasant aroma and disturbs comfort.

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Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

For this one method, there are still few people who realize the benefits of using essential oils to get rid of a bad odor.

Essential oils are made from natural plant extracts so that they produce the exact same aroma as the original plant. With this method, natural plants can be stored for a long time and used for many uses such as presenting a soft natural aroma.

Not only bring the aroma of natural plants but essential oils are also proven to bring cleaner and healthier air.

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Use a Humidifier

Did you know that a humid room can actually provide poor air quality and an unpleasant aroma to breathe?

Therefore, always pay attention to the drains from the bathroom and the drains from the roof of your house. There could be water that stagnates and settles, causing an odor like the smell of dampness. By using a room moisture absorber, your problem can be solved a little. However, still, make sure to solve the source of the problem.

Decorative Plants for the Room

There are a number of ornamental plants that can bring a fresh atmosphere to your room. They include rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and citronella. Which of these plants you can actually find easily?

Taking care of these plants is actually not difficult. What is needed is actually your own craft and tenacity. Whether or not you want to spend a little time taking care of these ornamental plants patiently.

In addition to beautifying the room, the aroma produced by this plant is very natural. By collecting these plants, it helps you to present a comfortable and calm atmosphere in your home.


How about Malang Agro’s explanation of how to get rid of the unpleasant odor that comes to you all the time? It’s really uncomfortable isn’t it, being in an atmosphere that is not wearing. Our sense of smell is indeed the most sensitive to this one condition.

Hopefully, this article is useful and you can do it immediately. There is no point in reading if you don’t immediately practice it. Moreover, the explanation was very simple but many people found it difficult to do it.

Malang Agro is always here to educate the public to live a healthy life by using natural products derived from natural plants. Including using air fresheners, you should use natural and natural products.

Its usefulness is not only to repel bad odors but also as a natural treatment to reduce stress and relax your mind.

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