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Rice Husk Pellet Supplier

"Premium Quality Rice Husks Pellet Supplier : Sustainable Energy Solutions from Malang Agro Resources"

Wood Pellet Supplier

Rice Husk Pellet Supplier, Rice Husk Pellet present a clean, efficient, and sustainable energy source. Crafted from compacted rice husks, these small, cylindrical pellets offer a renewable substitute for conventional fuels. Ideal for home heating, stove power, and electricity generation, they provide eco-conscious energy solutions while repurposing waste from rice production, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Product Code


Product Category

Biomass Energy

Product Sources

Rice Plants Waste

Origin Country


Plant Part Used


Energy Categories

Renewables Energy

Detail Information & Report Analysis


3583 Kcal/Kg

Bulk Density

558 Kg/m3

Ash Content

20.03 % wt

Fixed Carbon

14.85 % wt

Total Sulfur

0.06 % wt

Volatile Matter

58.81 % wt

Total Moisture

6.31 % wt


0.22 % wt

Packaging Options

Wood Pellet Supplier

Plastic Pouch
1 & 2 Kg

Bag 25 Kg

Jumbo Bag
800 Kg

Bulk in Containers


Item MOQ : 1000 Kg

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