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Be Careful, These are the Symptoms of Essential Oil Poisoning in Humans That You Must Know!

Symptoms of Essential Oil Poisoning in Human – Essential oils are one of the oils that have many benefits, both for humans and animals. These oils are also very good for treating various skin problems to mental health problems. But, the wrong and excessive use of essential oils can also have a negative impact on humans.

The impact of essential oils is considered quite diverse, even poisoning, respiratory diseases, impaired nerve function, itching to severe irritation of the skin can be one of the symptoms caused when you use essential oils excessively.

Here are some brief review about symptoms of essential oil poisoning in humans along with reasons to use essential oils according to the dose that you can make reference and information for you to stay alert and maintain health!

What is Essential Oil?

Essential oils are extract solutions derived from natural ingredients. The natural content of essential oils makes essential oils often used as alternative medicine in curing various diseases and this is very useful for many mental cases.

Several scientific studies have also proven the claim that essential oils are indeed efficacious for body health and peace of mind. Essential oil derived from peppermint leaves can cure indigestion. Wearing aromatherapy containing lavender essential oil can also make you sleep better.

In addition, essential oils can be used to clean the house, one of which is cinnamon essential oil which is scientifically proven to prevent the presence of bacteria and viruses. However, this does not mean that the use of essential oils can be done carelessly. Instead of curing diseases or making the house clean, essential oils can make you sick or damage furniture.

Reasons for Using Essential Oils in Dosage

Symptoms of Essential Oil Poisoning in Human
Symptoms of Essential Oil Poisoning in Human

Essential oils do provide many benefits, but if you use not according to the dose, it will have a fairly dangerous impact on health. Even this can also cause severe poisoning for humans and animals.

Therefore, to use essential oils must be in accordance with the dose. For example, if you use it for air freshener or humidifier mixture then only 3-4 drops are needed. In addition, it is enough to use only 1-3 ml. You should also avoid using it too often because it can cause respiratory diseases.

Symptoms of Essential Oil Poisoning in Human

There are several negative effects produced by essential oils if you use them excessively. Here is a review of the symptoms of essential oil poisoning in humans, they are:

  1. Severe Skin Allergies

The negative impact of excessive use of essential oils is skin allergies such as itching, blistering, skin infections to serious allergies are a number of side effects when applying essential oils directly on the skin.

Essential oils derived from cinnamon and lemongrass are often the main cause of these skin problems, especially for those of you who have sensitive skin types. Therefore, you should do a test first before using more of these oils on your skin. It’s easy enough to apply a little aromatherapy oil on your skin to see the reaction it causes. If redness, itching, and burning appear on the skin after applying, you should stop using aromatherapy oil.

  1. Poisoning by Ingestion

Another symptom of essential oil poisoning in humans is that it can cause poisoning. This is because there are several types of essential oils that should never be used in aromatherapy because they are potentially toxic. The reason is, some essential oils are highly concentrated and have varying degrees of toxicity if not used properly.

In fact, some aromatic plant oils, including essential oils can be toxic if swallowed. Therefore, there are many cases of children being poisoned by ingesting essential oils. Therefore, for parents who use aromatherapy oils, store the oils properly and keep them out of reach of children.

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  1. Skin is More Easily Sunburned

Some essential oils used in aromatherapy increase the skin’s sensitivity to direct and prolonged exposure to the sun.

You should not use aromatherapy oils such as angelica root, bergamot, cumin, lemon or orange on body parts that are often exposed to the sun. This is because your skin will be more prone to sunburn.

In addition, some substances in essential oils may be more risky for pregnant women. That is why, if you are pregnant and want to use aromatherapy, it is better to consult a doctor first to avoid side effects.

  1. Increases the Risk of Heart Disease

The negative impact of excessive use of essential oils is that it can endanger health and even increase the risk of heart disease. For those of you who like to inhale essential oils, of course you have to be careful if you inhale too often and for too long. This proves that too long inhalation of aromatherapy can increase the risk of damage to your heart slowly.

  1. Causes Asthma

In addition, excessive use of essential oils can also cause respiratory diseases, such as asthma. This is because essential oils contain Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), a volatile organic material from the liquid form contained in aromatherapy, will have an impact on increasing the risk of inflammation in the body, disrupting the function of the nervous system and can cause respiratory allergic reactions, asthma.

Therefore, for those of you who have asthma and are prone to nasal bleeding or so-called nosebleeds, you should be careful to use it and not use it too often.


Essential oils are indeed one of the oils that have many benefits for a person’s physical and mental health. However, if its use is not in accordance with the rules and doses, it will cause serious health problems such as increasing the risk of heart disease and attacks, can cause skin irritation, flammable skin, cause respiratory health problems, asthma, to the risk of inflammation and the nervous system.

Therefore, you must be careful in using it and do not overdo it. Thus a brief review of the symptoms of essential oil poisoning in humans that can be an addition to your insight in using essential oils.

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