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Attention! 4 Corners Of The House That Absolutely Can’t Smell

Office activities are certainly very tiring and if it’s like this it feels like going home quickly. So make sure these 4 corners of the house do not smell so that you don’t get home even more stressed and burned out.

Meanwhile, home is the best place to release all the fatigue and stress after a day of activities. There is no better medicine to cure fatigue than gathering with family at home.

A Messy House Is Normal

It is common to find a room in the house in a messy condition. Moreover, in a family, there are children whose hobby is playing. They like to put toys carelessly and forget to tidy them up.

If it’s like this, you have to try to tolerate it, Malang Agro friend. Later when the child is grown up, you will miss the atmosphere of a house full of children’s toys.

A Smelly House Is Unusual

Unfortunately, when we get home, there is something that makes us uncomfortable, namely the cleanliness and air in the house. Instead of getting more relaxed, the mind becomes less conducive. Who is comfortable in a room that is dirty and smell?

A messy house is a normal thing. What is not okay and unusual is a smelly house. Whether it is caused by food waste or because there is waste around the house. Especially if your house is located near an industrial factory. Well, this really makes your life uncomfortable forever.

Just imagine, when a daily activity that drains energy in the office must experience unpleasant conditions at home again.

Make Sure This Room Is Comfortable

At least, make sure the corners of these rooms are really comfortable for you. Because this room is very often used with family, try to make the air in this room as comfortable as possible.

In essence, the entire room must be clean without exception. Whether it’s a car garage, laundry room, workspace or kitchen. But in this case, we focus on four rooms that should be clean and fragrant.

We summarize four rooms that are often used for the family agenda that should really have a comfortable atmosphere. What are they?

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Living Room

The first room that must be fragrant is the living room. Where this place is a meeting place between guests and the host. This room is important because it is a symbol of and pride of the host.

Guests will judge the personality of the residents of the house from the neatness of the living room and its atmosphere. If you are a guest, it is certainly very unpleasant to be in a smelly room. Instantly your mood will disappear just like that when you are in such conditions.

As a place that gives the first impression to visitors to your home, this room should be fragrant and free from unpleasant smell.


The bedroom is a room to unwind after a day of activities. If the living room is an open space while the bedroom is a private room.

The ideal bedroom does not have to be luxurious and expensive. There does not have to be an expensive spring bed with a large bathtub. However, the ideal bedroom is a room that has sufficient air circulation, is not hot, and does not smell.

In addition, quality sleep comes in a comfortable and odorless bedroom. To sleep better you can use a lavender or rosemary essential oil diffuser. Aromatherapy produced from essential oils makes sleep more comfortable and more quality.

After you wake up, the body becomes fresher, the mind becomes calmer and you are more ready to face tomorrow better. Better quality rest will make productivity go up.

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Living Room

This room is the second room that should be odor-free after the bedroom. This is your private room with your children and relatives. And this room builds household harmony. Usually, all family members often gather in this room.

In order for this room to be a comfortable place for all family members, it must be ensured that this room is clean and fragrant. Just imagine if this room looks dirty and smelly. It’s really uncomfortable, isn’t it? So, family members will not gather in this room because of the unpleasant aroma. They will prefer their respective bedrooms for activities.

In addition, the family room can also be a comfortable workplace at home. With a relaxed and fresh room atmosphere, it makes you more in the mood to work at home than in the office.


This one place is indeed the origin of the source of the unpleasant aroma. The bathroom is not only a place to clean the body but can also be arranged to be a comfortable place.

People who stay in luxury hotels do not miss the opportunity to take a hot bath in the bathtub. That’s because the bathroom is really clean. The fragrant aroma makes hotel visitors feel comfortable lingering in the hotel bathroom.

We can actually make the bathroom as comfortable as a luxury hotel. Although not as luxurious as a hotel, regarding comfort we can arrange it in such a way. Simply by consistently cleaning it regularly by spraying disinfectant liquid to kill bacteria and germs that cause smell.

For a fresher aroma, we can place ornamental plants such as peppermint. You can also use essential oils from natural plants such as lemongrass or rosemary.


These four rooms are rooms that are often used as a family gathering place, a place to welcome guests, a place to clean yourself and rest. Therefore, we must arrange in such a way that this room becomes very comfortable.

As for the comfort itself, the indicator is the cleanliness of the room air. People easily change their mood when they feel an unpleasant smell. To overcome this, we have given tips so that the room becomes clean and fragrant.

Meanwhile, we recommend the best room perfume for your best room with a natural aroma. Inatropis is a Malang Agro product that has been tested for quality as a pure essential oil from Indonesia.

The virtue of using essential oils as a natural perfume is that the quality of the air produced is more guaranteed. Often essential oils are used as aromatherapy to reduce excessive stress, overcome sleep difficulties, and provide a comfortable relaxation effect.

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