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More Efficient! Here's The Barbeque Technique Using Biomass

Makes you curious, how do you make a barbeque using biomass? LPG gas is often scarce as the main fuel for cooking and heating. With this scarcity, many people began to think about alternative fuels.

To ripen food, there are three fuel options: firewood, charcoal or briquettes, and LPG gas. The first is certainly more appropriate in an emergency. The second option is considered more efficient and the combustion is more durable. Gas fuel because it is so practical and easy.

Types Of Fuel

This time Malang Agro reviews the fuels that are often used by people in general. Starting from traditional to modern fuels.


wood illustration (photo: housing)

Firewood is one of the raw materials from biomass itself. Dry branches or logs can be used if you are having a picnic by the beach or in the mountains. Although it is not the best fuel.

Grilling food with firewood is a fairly practical way to use a stove. And making the stove itself is also quite easy because it can be made from stacked stones.

For firewood as fuel, choose a type of wood that is hard so that it produces good coals and does not quickly extinguish into ash.

Wood Charcoal

Wood charcoal comes from the inside and center of the wood after the outside of the wood becomes ash due to previous combustion. For types of wood that can be used as charcoal, among others, mahogany wood. With such hardwood, it will produce charcoal that is durable and has a good fire when burned.

Although not the best choice for barbecues, this fuel is easily available in traditional markets. Choose ones that are hard, large enough, and not too much crushed for a long-lasting fire.

Because wood charcoal is so low in calories, it tends to form a kind of soot or fine charcoal grains that stick to the grilled ingredients. Some say that soot is carcinogenic, something that can cause cancer.

Factory Charcoal Or Briquettes

rice husk briquettes (photo: tribun)

The next fuel is factory charcoal or press charcoal. Factory charcoal or briquettes are only sold in supermarkets or certain outlets that provide barbecue equipment. Especially factory charcoal made from coconut shells, is now widely produced by local entrepreneurs for export needs considering the need for barbecues is very popular in four-season countries.

Factory charcoal made from coconut shells is of very good quality because it produces little ash and is sold in ready-to-use packages.

Coconut Shell Charcoal

This is the best fuel for barbecues as it is harder than wood charcoal. Coconut shells are easily found in coconut-producing countries such as Malang, Indonesia.

The advantage of coconut shells is that the embers last longer and produce more heat than wood charcoal. With good, stable, and even heat, the meat is cooked faster and does not shrivel due to the water content being wasted.

Barbecue Fun

The barbecue grill is a technique of preparing food by grilling using biomass. Almost everyone loves barbecue because the food tastes good and the aroma is appetizing.

This dish is identical to an appetizer before tasting the main or heavy meal. In addition, almost all types of food can be served with barbecue techniques. Examples of practical barbecue menus are beef, chicken, corn, fish, squid to broccoli.

Barbecue tools are quite practical and can be carried everywhere. So, barbecue is suitable for family events and can be done anywhere such as at home, on the beach, and even on the mountain. The barbecue grilling technique is no less practical and can be done by anyone. The aroma of meat from barbecue is really appetizing.

Barbecue Using Biomass

The difference between grilling and barbecue is the length of the roasting itself. if grilling is directly using a large enough fire and the cooking time is relatively short. Whereas, barbecue is longer by using coals that come from charcoal and briquettes.

Briquettes, charcoal, wood pellets, and rice husk pellets are examples of biomass fuels. The raw materials are widely available and the availability is quite large in the city of Malang, where the production plant of Malang Agro Resources is located.

Malang Agro Resources is a producer of renewable energy sources of which biomass is one. This large company is located in Malang City, Indonesia.

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It’s Time To Make Coals

To make coals, there are no specific criteria for the type of charcoal. The important thing is that the charcoal from the selected biomass must be made into coals first.

Use Fire Starter

Don’t douse the charcoal with kerosene and then just light it. It is healthier and safer to use spritz fuel or rely on fire starters that contain paraffin. Usually, these fire starters are in the form of blocks.

At specialized outlets that provide barbecue equipment, you can buy fire starters and special tools to prepare the coals. The shape is similar to a chimney with holes. Then, this tool can make it easier for us.

You need to know that charcoal or briquettes from coconut shells are quite difficult to make coals compared to wood charcoal. So the existence of a fire starter makes it very easy for us to make coals.

Steps To Make Embers

Estimate the amount of biomass charcoal that will be put into the furnace. It’s best if you have a separate tool specifically for burning charcoal to turn it into coals. There are tools that look like a chimney as a tool sold at barbecue supply stores.

Next, place a few pieces of firestarter on the surface of the charcoal. Start the fire by using a wad of newspaper that is positioned under the chimney. After that, the fire from below will creep up and touch the fire starter so that the entire contents of the chimney will burn.

Next, let the charcoal become embers. Once it becomes embers pour it into the roasting furnace. If the coals are not sufficient, add new coals on top. Start grilling when all the charcoal is evenly distributed into coals. Add new charcoal whenever needed.

Time To Grill The Meat

The coals prepared earlier should fill at least one-third of the grill. Arrange the coals in such a way that there is a place to place the dripping tray.

Dripping trays are very useful during the grilling process. Its function is to catch the dripping marinade downward so that it does not hit the embers. The drippings of meat fat and marinade sauce can also be collected in the dripping tray so that the embers do not flare up and scorch the food.

Food that is not 100% cooked but is already browned can be cooked on the dripping tray to prevent it from burning and drying out. And the grilled chicken is ready to be served and eaten together.

Let’s Grill Meat Using Biomass.

That’s the short version of the barbecue technique that uses biomass fuel. If you use biomass, the food you grill is tastier, more fragrant, and more fun.

Why is it more fun because the barbecue process can be fun. You and your friends can chat while barbecuing. Interesting, isn’t it?

Malang Agro Resources will tell you how to get biomass fuel for your barbecue with your family. The company has exported biomass to various countries for different purposes.

Some are for barbecues, heating, and even to supply fuel for power plants. It’s time to switch to using biomass for your energy needs.

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