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Use Biomass As Versatile Fuels for Grilling Meat

When it comes to versatile fuels, we think of names like LPG, Hydrogen, and methanol. There is another small versatile fuel that is more effective and efficient for fueling, we call it charcoal briquettes. It’s something you probably use a lot for grilling, roasting, and barbecuing. Hearing about these activities makes us hungry.

Malang Agro Resources is the largest producer of charcoal briquettes, wood pellets, rice husk pellets, and sawdust. Everything you need for Grilling Meat is available at this company. If you want to grill delicious meat, of course, barbecuing with charcoal briquettes.

How to Cook with Grilling

barbecue illustration (Photo: Stocksy)

Which is better to cook by frying or by burning? If you’re eating for a family gathering, grilling meat or fish seems like a better option. It’s just that you need a little effort to prepare the equipment and ingredients. If everything is complete, grilling meat is more exciting.

In this grilling event, we can get involved in the grilling process.  Such as preparing the roasting furnace, preparing the coals, and putting the meat into the furnace to fan the meat that is being grilled.

There are several terms in cooking activities using versatile fuels such as briquettes or charcoal.


Barbecue is a method of ripening meat-type foodstuffs by burning them directly on coals. The fuel uses versatile fuels such as briquettes or wood charcoal.

However, Barbecue is now more associated with events or occasions. Barbecue is actually a method of cooking by burning or grilling.

If someone invites you to a barbecue, you should be prepared to participate in grilling the meat. Once you arrive, you will be presented with raw meat ingredients to be grilled complete with marinade.


meat roasting process (photo: iStock)

The term roasting is a method of cooking food ingredients by cooking them in a closed container. Food ingredients such as raw chicken, and raw meat will be heated using the heat of the fire.

Delicious roast chicken is a favorite menu of visitors at supermarkets or malls. The price is quite expensive comparable to the taste of food that is very delicious. For roasting, we can use versatile fuel such as wood charcoal, wood pellets, or rice husk briquettes available at Malang Agro Resources.

The difference between roasting and barbecuing is the participation of the crowd. If it is a barbecuing event, everyone can be involved in grilling the food. While roasting is not, it is only done by a chef.


Grilling is a method of grilling meat by using a grill as a tool. grill is a tool that is installed and can be adjusted in height above the furnace. The place where the chicken or beef food is placed so that it does not burn in the lick of fire.

Just like the grilling process with the roasting method, it does not need the help of many people. Because it can be done by a chef alone. For fuel, we recommend using versatile fuels such as charcoal briquettes or rice husk briquettes that have a long burning resistance.

Equipment for Barbecuing

Although barbecuing is the most practical grilling concept, it should be prepared one week before the event. This is to avoid the ingredients going to waste if two or three of your friends already have their own events.

Also, a well-organized event will be more appreciated. If you have enough time, you won’t be rushing to get ready so that you can appear as a pleasant host. The equipment you should prepare includes the following


At a barbecue, more than one table is needed to place drinks, additional dishes such as snacks, carbohydrate dishes, refreshments, salads, and fresh fruit.

Grilling Equipment

Ensure that the grilling equipment used is clean. The well-maintained and stored condition of the equipment not only makes the food delicious but also healthy.

The basic grilling equipment that must be prepared such as stoves, sausage tongs, fish tongs, multipurpose tongs, iron brushes, dripping trays, and other equipment.

Then the important equipment that must be available is versatile fuels such as charcoal briquettes for fuel for grilling. The price range for charcoal briquettes in Malang Agro is quite affordable and more cost-effective.

Grilling Using Biomass

wood charcoal illustration (photo: doc)

The fuel source used for barbecuing, roasting, and grilling is Biomass fuel. The effectiveness of versatile fuels is unquestionable in providing a perfect burn for your food ingredients.

Biomass such as charcoal briquettes has a long burning power. Charcoal has a stable flame so that food can be burned perfectly without worrying about burning. then, during the combustion process, the aroma of the meat on the stove comes out.

This is what makes biomass the best fuel for events like barbecuing. It has a stable flame and long-lasting durability. Also, its small size makes it easy to carry around. Grilling outdoors, at the beach, or on the mountain is not a problem because of its portability.

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Biomass as Versatile Fuel by Malang Agro

Biomass is a renewable energy that comes from organic materials that we can find around us. Even among the organic materials are materials that have become waste or garbage that are no longer needed.

Examples of organic waste that we mean are rice husks, wood branches, fallen tree trunks, leaves, roots, and coconut husks. All of these materials store tremendous energy after Malang Agro Resources converts them into biomass which has use as a versatile fuel.

Furthermore, Malang Agro conducts a process in such a way that this renewable energy source is present for the community. The company is a pioneer in driving a green economy that is environmentally friendly and opens up extensive employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, the utilization of biomass has been proven to reduce carbon emissions, which is the main problem of the world’s extreme climate change. This means that directly or indirectly, Malang Agro has contributed to reducing the world’s dependence on petroleum which causes carbon emissions.

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You must be looking forward to barbecuing with your family and friends. The atmosphere of outdoor grilling is full of intimacy, fun, and cheerfulness.

There is an appetizing fragrance spread by spices and ingredients that are being grilled. With the meat on top of the stove while the charcoal briquettes as versatile fuel are under the stove. Fully cooked meat is ready to be eaten with complementary dishes.

To order charcoal briquettes, wood briquettes, rice husk briquettes, and wood pellets, you can order them directly to our company located in Malang City, Indonesia. Of course, with a very affordable and cost-effective price.

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