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Incredible! How Can Wood Pellets Generate Electricity

You may not believe that small wood pellets can produce electrical energy. Despite its small size, wood pellets can be an alternative fuel for power generation needs. In this case, the power plant bringing electrical energy to the community today is still very dependent on conventional energy sources.

Because electrical energy is an essential human need, it cannot be imagined that the world today is the presence of electricity. Humans today are very dependent on the availability of electrical energy to meet their daily needs.

How Power Plants Work

A power plant is a sophisticated equipment consisting of machines whose main task is to generate electricity from any energy source. The power plant which consists of a number of complex equipment is supported by a machine called a generator and turbine as a potential energy source capture machine.

Furthermore, the power plant works by converting mechanical energy and then processed into electrical energy. The two main engines of power plants, namely generators and turbines, play an important role in producing electricity as an essential human need.

That is the main task of electrical engineers to ensure that power generation machines such as turbines produce large mechanical energy. Thus, power generators get enough potential energy to be converted into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy.

Potential Energy Sources for Power Generation

Power plants still depend on natural fuel resources such as petroleum and coal to generate mechanical energy. This is actually quite worrying because petroleum and coal are non-renewable resources.

These fossil-derived fuels from hundreds of years ago will run out and will not last forever despite various ways to find new oil fields.

A number of ways are being done to find renewable energy sources to ensure human life in the future, including the availability of electricity. What would humanity be without the presence of electricity? Therefore, potential energy sources continue to be developed such as water and air energy that produce kinetic energy.

Then there are also other potential energy sources such as wood, rice husks, briquettes, and geothermal sources to produce heat energy. Both kinetic energy and thermal energy have the potential to produce the mechanical energy needed for power generation.

Wood Pellets For Power Generation

Power plants must get enough energy supply in order to ensure that their machines work to produce electrical energy. As for the energy needed by power plants to get mechanical energy, one of them is wood pellets. Is it true that such a small object can generate electrical energy? Of course, it’s true.

Malang Agro Resources as the largest producer of wood pellets from Malang City, Indonesia, would like to invite our loyal readers to start using this biomass material.

Aside from contributing to power generation, what else are the contributions and benefits of wood pellets?

As Power Plant Fuel

Power plants require heat energy either directly or indirectly to obtain mechanical energy. Then, the mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy by a power plant generator.

Meanwhile, power plants can get heat energy directly or indirectly. For those directly, it can be obtained from geothermal sources, while indirect heat energy can be obtained through a combustion process. In this case, the role of fuel oil is still dominant to obtain heat energy.

Research that continues to develop has finally found other potential energy as a source of heat energy. In this case, Wood Pellets can be an alternative product as a substitute for fuel oil so far.

In fact, the use of wood pellets as a power plant has been started by European countries during the fuel oil crisis. This is a big stage for Indonesia as a wood pellet producer and this is why Malang Agro Resources is present to find alternative fuel solutions for the world.

As a Room Warmer

The winter that will soon arrive makes most people, especially Europeans, look for fuel that can warm the room. Indonesian Energy Company, in this case Malang Agro, has supplied wood pellets for heating needs when winter arrives.

It is proven that wood pellets produce long-lasting heat energy that can overcome the cold of winter. Some Asian countries also contact Malang Agro Resources such as China and South Korea. Not only supplying heating needs, the company from Malang, Indonesia, also supplies the need for air purifiers with its essential oil products.

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As Cooking Fuel

Wood pellets, biomass from Malang Agro, are the most effective and efficient cooking fuel. This biomass has a heat of approximately 4.9 kWh/kg and has a low moisture content. So cooking using wood pellets is more effective for grilling food and efficient because the price is cheap.

You can compare cooking using wood pellets compared to cooking using rich or LPG gas. It is still cheaper if you use wood pellets.

Furthermore, what else would make you hesitate to use wood pellets? For this biomass availability problem, we are the solution because Malang Agro Resources company is the largest producer of wood pellets in Indonesia. You can contact us anytime and this biomass will be available as soon as possible to your place.

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As an Environmentally Friendly Fuel

By using Wood pellets as fuel for power generation, heating, as cooking fuel, it means you already care about the environment. Which is the greenhouse effect is our common enemy in the problem of global warming.

One way to tackle global warming is to reduce fuel oil consumption and switch to renewable energy sources such as biomass. Meanwhile, the presence of wood pellets as biomass reduces people’s dependence on fossil-derived energy consumption, so it’s time we use renewable energy sources from now on.


That’s our review on the role of wood pellets as fuel for power generation, as space heating and cooking fuel. And most importantly, it is an environmentally friendly fuel.

Malang Agro Resources Company to contribute to Indonesian Agricultural Products. In addition, biomass energy is the company’s priority in developing wood pellets, paddy husk pellets, wood chips, and agricultural machinery.

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